STUNNING ROYAL PURPLE 9" Chevron Amethyst Crystal Slab - Large Gorgeous Display Slab!

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This is one of our largest and most beautiful examples of this spectacularly beautiful stone, in fact it's the largest I've ever cut! Our most exciting find in Tucson a few years ago comes from a new mine that a friend is digging in Morocco! He is calling this gorgeous chevron amethyst crystal gemstone formation "Royal Purple" and it deserves the name he's given it! It's an absolutely beautiful amethyst crystal formation with seams of rich, deep purple and white crystal that produces some truly dramatic and beautiful specimens. We've cut and polished this new find in our shop and have been very pleased with the quality of the specimens we've been able to produce. I'm confident that when you see our mirror finish on this rich purple amethyst that you'll be just as excited as we are!

This year in Tucson I met up with the fellow that introduced me to the lapidary arts over a quarter of a century ago. We're both humbled by how long we've been at this craft, and talked about how even after so many years, we continue to simply find joy and beauty in the stones we are so very lucky to find and work with! He sold me the equipment that started my original shop in Colorado all those years ago, but he is now off exploring the remote regions of Morocco and made a truly remarkable find just recently. He had nice blocky pieces of an absolutely gorgeous amethyst formation. I'd seen this type of crystal habit once before, but I'd never had the opportunity to work with the stone as the source had long since dried up. When the water hit the stone to reveal the gorgeous deep banded purple color I new I'd made the best find I'd see in Tucson this year! I spent the next couple of hours picking through his large piles of stone to select the blockiest pieces I could find to cut in my shop. I was so excited that I flew home with two smaller pieces in my carry on bags just to get started. The stone did not disappoint! It cut beautiful seam patterns of white and amethyst quartz crystal that takes a fabulous polish! The color was even richer than I'd expected. To put it briefly (well, brief by our standards anyway) I struck gold!! Purple gold in this case! What we've been cutting has just been incredible. You'll be amazed at how rich the color is in this stone. And you know that the work we do in our shop with this choice material will produce specimens of significantly better quality than the fare you usually see in retail shops.

This is truly an amazing stone and the finish that we're able to coax from the cut and polished crystal face really brings the color and pattern to life! Our shop prides itself in providing the highest quality lapidary work that you'll ever find on beautiful, natural stone. We work hard to find the best material on the planet and then even harder to make sure it is prepared to be the natural treasure that it is!

This is a nice size, thick plate. It measures about 8 1/2" x 5" across the mirror polished face. It is cut about 0.54" thick and weighs about 1.92 lbs!

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from eBay's Original Rockshop!

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