Custom Cutting & Polishing

Posted by Steven Speer on

We offer a full line of lapidary services in our shop including cutting and polishing of your specimens. These services are priced in volume for rock dealers, but we also offer polishing services for private collectors subject to the minimum shop order shown below. Due to the overhead time involved in keeping track of and packaging/invoicing individual orders we cannot accept custom work for orders smaller than the shop minimum.  Also note that custom services are only available when we have the bandwidth in the shop to take on extra projects so please inquire about wait times or whether we are currently accepting custom work.

Please note that at this time we are not accepting any custom sphere or cabochon work - the only bandwidth we have in the shop is for flat polished faces. Thank you.

Minimum shop charge: $100.00
Minimum per piece polish charge: $10.00
Minimum per piece cutting charge: $6.00
Cutting charge up to 24" saw: 50 cents per square inch per cut
Cutting charge for 36" saw: 75 cents per square inch per cut (note minimums)
Polishing charge (flat surfaces): $1.50 per square inch (note minimums)

Example: A walnut sized thunderegg will cost $6 to cut and $20 to polish (two halves at the minimum of $10 each). You'd need 4 or so of these to reach the shop minimum charge of $100. You could get a batch of baseball sized thundereggs done for about the same price as the economies of scale for size start to determine cost rather than the minimum charges per stone. You could also send us a single 9" diameter petrified wood round which could be lapped & polished for around $100.00

Note that charges assume specimens in good condition ready to be worked. Additional fees may be required for heavily fractured or otherwise troublesome (e.g. poorly cut) pieces. Contact us through for quotes or other questions regarding these services.


NOTE: We're good, but we're not fast. Minimum turn around time is 6-8 weeks and may be much longer depending on backlog. Patience is rewarded with quality!