SiS: Uruguay Amethyst Crystal Sculpture - SUPER DEEP Purple GEM QUALITY!!

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This spectacular gemstone cluster has some of the largest and darkest crystals you'll ever see in amethyst!  It's a real show piece for an amethyst lover at a price I am lucky to be able to offer!   I made a wonderful discovery this year and was able to get some premium quality amethyst standup sculptures from Uruguay where the mines there yield the deepest purple gem grade amethyst found anywhere on the planet!  This is actually part of the wall of a geode that was extracted from a hard rock mine then given a flat base to stand as shown without need for a display stand.  A gorgeous natural treasure at a truly remarkable price for such incredible quality! 

This year in Tucson I had the chance to be the first person to choose from a huge inventory of imported goodies at 4 different sites. The weather was absolutely awful which meant that most of the buyers weren't really very active yet, affording me the chance to work with dealers who hadn't finished unpacking because they didn't want their inventory to get all wet and spotted. To put it briefly (well, brief by our standards anyway) I struck gold!! Purple gold in this case! I don't know if we just got lucky or if the miners have hit some particularly good pockets recently, but what we witnessed on this trip was just incredible. The most impressive standup amethyst crystal sculptures I've ever laid my eyes on!! They weren't cheap, but they were magnificent and being the first buyers to go through the lot, we acquired some really choice ones at a price that normally wouldn't be touchable for this kind of quality!  I guarantee you'll agree they are significantly better than the pieces you usually see in retail shops.

Most of the amethyst crystals and churches you see are from Brazil, and there are some really fine specimens from that country, but this material comes from another South American country, Uruguay. The color is very close to Smucker's Grape Jelly! The crystals are also astonishingly sharp and clean and glisten like thousands of tiny mirrored surfaces.

If you are new to stone collecting or aren't familiar with amethyst, gem crystals are sold using the same criteria as other crystal based gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, diamond, emerald, etc. The color, size and clarity are what matter. The better the color, the faster the price rises. You can easily find inexpensive amethyst crystal clusters right here on eBay, but if you haven't had the chance to admire a really high grade specimen with dark, rich color, you should check out this piece. We work hard to get realistic, accurate images of our products so you can buy with confidence - that color is as deep and rich as it appears in the photo!

This is a nice size plate cluster with large, sharp, very well defined and perfectly formed crystals. The color is as good as it gets. The piece stands upright as shown without a stand. It has a thick shape and lots of "heft". It measures approx. 4" tall and 3" wide at the base.  It weighs 1.50 lbs.

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.

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