SiS: Multi-color 5" PREMIUM Gemstone Parrot Carving - AMAZING & COLORFUL!

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I hope you can see the subtle color change of the natural stone and the magnificent texture in this finely detailed parrot carving that's waiting for you! I'm afraid the sun overloaded my camera and the gorgeous mottled texture of the stone used for the bird's body is washed out.  I was able to find a carver that charged a bit more for his work, but his birds were made of higher end (harder and more expensive) gemstones including sodalite, rhodochrosite and a gorgeous stone that looks to be something like turquoise or amazonite!  These primary stones combined with the rest of the gemstone colors in his stone palette make particularly rich, colorful and beautiful parrots befitting their natural subjects!  The artist that carved this parrot used half a dozen different natural gemstones to achieve the multi-colored look of the plumage.  The color choice in this one looks truly Amazonian!  Even the carved stone base the bird is perched on is magnificent!!  Simply amazing work and incredibly high quality stones for the price! 

One of the best imports I saw show up in Tucson this year were these really fine bird carvings made from several different stones all combined to produce an incredible work of art! While I take a great deal of pride in being able to offer the finest polished gem specimens on eBay, I cannot carve my initials in a board, let alone come up with something this impressive! I really couldn't believe how detailed these carvings were and the fact that they had been created using a variety of different rocks to produce the color combinations that give the bird real character just left me in awe. I wish I could have met the fellow that did this work, but he's in Peru. The stones used look very different in many cases to the agates and jaspers we have here in the Pacific Northwest. The birds legs are cast in bronze so you can move them a bit if you need to. Even the base the bird is mounted to is a nice stone specimen! These carvings are really very nice quality, hand made sculptures and the raw material is really top notch. It is nicely polished and finished to show off all the talent of the carver as well as the beauty of the stone!

This carving is an impressive sized parrot, not a tiny finger sized rock. The tail feathers are long and detailed and cut from three different types of stone for color contrast.

This is a nice sized carving.  It stands about 5" tall (head to tail feathers) and weighs about 0.52 lbs. I'm confident you'll be as impressed as I was when you see it in person!

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.