SiS: LARGE 16"+ Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Round - BOLD & COLORFUL WOOD GRAIN!

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This intensely patterned, lighter colored beauty comes from one of the most interesting and colorful Hubbard Basin petrified wood specimens I've polished recently and one of the last of the large logs we have.  The best of Hubbard Basin wood is blue, and this one has plenty of it in lighter sky blue tones accented with lots of golds, black, rusty red, and white along with other colors to show off the fine growth structure in amazing detail.  This cut revealed a series of gorgeous, sparkling drusy crystal cavities as well!  It's a very pretty, partial round that includes the pith, with an excellent polish that brings out the incredible wood grain of this ancient fossil.  The new caretaker of this magnificent piece is in for a very pleasant surprise!!  It's hard to believe nature can produce something this amazing from a fallen tree!!  It's really an unusual and attractive Hubbard Basin, Nevada, petrified wood specimen!

While you can still find the occasional specimen from this location, it is invariably either badly fractured or lacking the distinctive color that made this location famous.  Commercial dealers that have it at all usually display more fill (the trade term for glue) than color in their hastily prepared specimens. We're lucky to have secured the selection of intensely colorful, perfectly preserved specimens we have over the last few years and we're happy to be able to help you add a truly collectible specimen to your own collection!  Our stock represents the finest collection of Hubbard Basin specimens you'll ever find and we're proud to be able to offer them at every day collector prices!  Hubbard pieces fetch a price commensurate with the color found in them and if you're going to invest in one, it simply has to be a specimen with wonderful color!  Our imitators will try, but they simply can't match the quality and price of our fine petrified wood collectibles - and our finish really does stand up to the scrutiny required to claim it's the best in the business!

This log was dug a few years ago by a close friend.  The color in this exceptional representative of the variety isn't often seen with this kind of intensity.  This is a truly amazing piece of petrified wood. I'd been collecting petrified wood for several years before I came across my first piece of Hubbard Basin wood and I simply couldn't believe my eyes. You don't have to be a petrified wood collector to appreciate how uniquely beautiful this agatized fossil from an ancient forest is. While the wood looks punky, rotten and brittle on the outside, when you touch it you realize quickly that it's not brittle at all, but quite hard and textured something like coral on the edges and solid agate throughout. The interior is typically preserved in blue and gold agate with black, white, red, pink and other colors sometimes filling in the spectrum. The wood isn't common as the digging is quite difficult and the Nevada desert that it comes from is freezing cold in the winter and blistering hot in the summer. In other words, there isn't a lot of the high quality variety of this treasure in circulation. Our supply is arguably the best in the world, and this fine specimen demonstrates why we can make that claim!  I guarantee that once you've added a piece of this spectacular, highly agatized wood to your collection you won't look at any other petrified wood with quite so much admiration again. It's that gorgeous!

The color in the wood grain in this slab is very rich and varied compared to most Hubbards - quite beautiful and an excellent piece to show the flowing wood grain!  It's easily identifiable as a conifer and appears to have small resin canals which are consistent with spruce or fir. The color variety in the wood grain is incredible. Truly a stunning piece, but perhaps best of all it is finished with a quality finish that only Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary provides consistently on every piece we sell! Our lapidary process produces the finest finish in the business and when you hold this piece in your own hands we know you'll agree!

This little slab measures about 16 1/2" x 9 3/4" across the mirror polished face. It weighs 8.5 lbs.  It's cut from the center of the log and is about 0.76" thick.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!