SiS: GORGEOUS YELLOW Top Grade 1/2+ lb. Condor Agate - Full Pattern Beauty!

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This is a really nice, brilliantly colored, collector grade Condor agate nodule, and one of the prettiest we've offered in a while.  I've been into my secret stash to cut a few more agates and one of them was this amazing beauty!  It's a truly flawless full pattern nodule with some of the most impressive combinations of very yellow bands accented with smoke and orange colors that you'll ever find in a Condor.  The colors are vibrant, and a bit unusual (even more yellow than they appear in this photo I think) - very appealing for the species.  It's a truly flawless, top grade, full pattern, full skin nodule - a true collector show piece with a magnificent, flawless polish to show it off properly! 

We've been working for a little over a year now on the large shipment of Condor agates we purchased directly from the miner and have been busy working on in the shop ever since. This has been a very exciting time for us and all that anticipation was well worth it! We've had the pleasure of cutting and polishing some truly beautiful agates, and we're pleased to be able to share some of the fabulous results with all you collectors on eBay!

Condor agate is a relatively new discovery made in Argentina just in the last decade or so. There is a single miner who makes expeditions into this remote area on horseback to collect the agate over a vast region. The agate is some of the most colorful to be found anywhere. Colors are most often dominated by reds and dark carnelian that fades to black but can include colors ranging from yellow to green to blue and even purple.

This  nice half nodule has really interesting stuff going on inside it. There's more subtle color patterns than words can describe. It's a gorgeous stone with a really pleasing formation hidden inside. It's very solid and it took a beautiful polish. Full, complete pattern half nodules like this are by far the most valuable to collectors and one this colorful is sure to be a prized specimen in any collection.

This is a nice Condor that's been polished to a liquid perfect, gem quality finish to show it off properly. Our feedback file is full of folks who are simply amazed at the care we take in producing the finest polish a stone can produce - a detail the camera simply can't capture!

This is a nice size 0.24 lb. nodule specimen that measures approx. 2 5/8" across the mirror polished face.

Display stands sold separately.  

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