SiS: EXTRA-LARGE 3.4 lb. Dugway, Utah Geode w/ Stand - DRUSY BLUE CAVERN!!

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This gorgeous, extra large display geode is one of the prettiest and most unusual that I've handled!  The inside is completely coated in clear blue ice sugar quartz - it looks like a winter cave!!  This is a scene that has to be observed in person to be truly appreciated - it's a really magnificent view inside this stone and the polish on the blue agate and matrix has to be seen to be believed!!  This one formed with a particularly large cavity and makes a very impressive display piece.  The cut face is polished to show off the gemmy nature of this geode while the exterior husk is rough and bubbly, just as it formed in the ground.  It comes complete with a display stand to show it off from every viewing angle.

NOTE:  This geode includes the display stand it is photographed on.

This is a Dugway Geode from Utah. I started cutting these about 3 years ago and am only now getting some of them finished! These are unique and pretty geodes that come filled with a large variety of interior features ranging from crystal clear quartz wand clusters to bubbly blue tinted botryoidal agate. The interior cavity is always framed with bands of clear/blue agate. The matrix is a banded mineral with a high silica content that, with proper treatment, can be polished (and you know if it came from us, we pulled it off!) This banded matrix is what makes a Dugway geode unique. It almost appears to be sedimentary. The other cool thing about Dugway geodes is that the center cavity will usually fluoresce bright green under UV light. Like all of my items, I've polished it to a mirror perfect shine on a flat lap with a special oxide so every detail of the geode is revealed with perfect clarity!

This particular Dugway is full of my favorite type of drusy crystal formation. It looks like an ice cave inside the stone!! Countless tiny crystals that feel almost like sandpaper inside. The frosty crystals are like a blanket over a bubbly landscape inside the stone with hedgerows of taller quartz crystals forming puzzling fences inside the cavity. This is the type that usually fluoresces the brightest green under UV light. It's also the purest, whitest stone that we have the most difficult time getting a good photo of. The deep cavity cannot be properly appreciated in a 2-D photo but it is a wonderful surprise awaiting the high bidder.

This is one of our larger Dugway geodes. It's a half nodule that's been cut with a diamond saw then ground and polished on a series of specially designed flat laps we built just for this purpose. The polish we provide is what really sets our stones apart!

It measures about 7 1/2" across the polished face.  It weighs about 3.40 lbs.

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