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Most of you who follow our work know we imported a LOT of choice logs from Brazil a couple of decades ago.  We're still producing world class collector pieces from the few remaining logs we have from that purchase and this one was worth waiting for.  This log is definitely one of the best preserved Brazilian logs I've seen with great agatization and wonderful growth ring detail - and now that we've properly prepared it, it's a real collector piece!  The rest of the log was cut years ago, but I found a slab packed in the wrong crate and was excited to finish it.  This particular log was a real treat because it is so glassy that it takes a porcelain like polish.  Wait until you see that finish!!  The color pattern in this one is similar to the white, black and orange color pattern of tree ferns from the same area, and the agatization in this specimen helped it achieve a mirror perfect, wet looking finish just like the tree ferns from the same area!

A few years ago we imported some exceptional petrified logs from Brazil and are in the process of preparing specimens (it's going to take years to finish it all!) One of the varieties we brought in is Araucaria - a relatively common conifer like tree from a quarter billion years ago. This is the same basic tree that most of the Arizona wood was, but the preservation lets you see more of the wood structure than you can typically observe in the Arizona varieties. the outer rind is usually somewhat chalky on many of these logs and doesn't polish as brightly as the well agatized interior though that was not a problem with this glorious specimen! The entire slab really shows the fine plant details and colors that makes these specimens come alive! It comes from the same area that the tree ferns we've recently been offering do and those have been dated at approximately 250 million years old, making them some of the oldest petrified wood specimens around. The colors are much brighter in this round than in most of the Brazilian logs we brought back. While imitators have tried to reproduce the selection we obtained on our 10 day trip that year, they haven't been able to come close. If you're looking for a top grade collectible round to expand your collection or decorate your home - this is it! This gem grade fossil is what remains of an ancient forest that thrived ages ago.  If you follow our auctions, you know what a horrible time I have getting photos with lots of light colors to turn out - this round is in that category. It is much more striking in real life than my camera can capture.

This top quality round is not only rare but it's also complete. It has some of the most stunning growth ring detail you'll ever see in South American petrified wood. If the timeless mystery of this piece isn't enough for you, then I'm certain the simple, natural, gemmy beauty of it will be. The colors are warm and rich and the entire piece is completely preserved in a very high grade of agate. The high agate content allows this stone to be polished to a liquid perfect, lustrous finish that only the best grades of fossil wood can achieve. It should make a beautiful and interesting addition to any collection.

This round is is a virtually perfect slice taken from the center of a very solid log.  It's extremely solid and exceptionally preserved.   It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from a business named "Sticks-in-Stones"?! Lapped and polished on our specially designed machinery to provide the best finish you'll ever see on petrified wood, we guarantee you'll be pleased to show off this fine specimen in your own collection.

This large round measures about 8 1/4" x 6 1/2" across the polished face and is cut about 1/2" thick.  Weight is 1.90 lbs.

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