SiS: CURIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL 5.5" Breccia Polished Argentina Petrified Wood Round

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This is a new cut from a somewhat different Argentina petrified wood log and it is nearly perfect by any measure!  The color and preservation are distinct from most of the the petrified wood I've seen from this region, though the touches of peach color and other details suggest it could be a variant from within the more common deposits.  The color is much more pleasing in person than the photo managed to capture and the polish is really quite special on this highly silicified petrified wood treasure.  These pieces are becoming exceedingly rare and I only managed a small handful from this short, coffee can sized log.  The wood grain is as perfect as the shape and this cut even features a nice patch of the very silicified agate sometimes called picture wood in these logs.  I've polished this piece to perfection to really create a unique and beautiful collector piece! 

This is a nice complete petrified wood round from one of our most recent petrified log importing endeavors. This very fine grade of petrified wood came from the southern tip of South America in Argentina! It is what remains of an ancient forest that thrived many millions of years ago. This round comes from one of the newest logs we've obtained from that part of the world. We were able to get some of the best logs we've ever seen recently and are pleased to be able to share the best petrified wood rounds from Argentina you'll ever come across!  If you follow our auctions, you know what a horrible time I have getting photos with lots of light colors to turn out - this round is in that category. It's well agatized and polished nicely.  Looking under a loup I can see it's a conifer, but the varieties of conifers found in this forest have some unique characteristics that are unlike the modern ones we find here in the Pacific Northwest. 

This nicely prepared round is not only 100% there, rind and all, but it also has some of the best growth ring detail you'll ever see in petrified wood. If the timeless mystery of this piece isn't enough for you, then I'm certain the simple, natural, gemmy beauty of it will be. The colors are warm and rich and the entire piece is completely preserved in a very high grade of agate. The high agate content allows this stone to be polished to a liquid perfect, lustrous finish that only the best grades of fossil wood can achieve. This round is about average for most of the Argentina specimens I've seen. It's a great collector size to fit nicely into most display cabinets.

This round is is a perfect slice taken from the center of a very solid log. It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from a business named "Sticks-in-Stones"?! Polished to the highest standards in our own shop where we've elevated the art beyond what the commercial dealers can provide, we guarantee you'll be pleased to show off this fine specimen in your own collection!

This piece measures about 5 1/2" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.39" thick.  Weight is 0.70 lbs.

Stands sold separately.

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