SiS: BEAUTIFUL 18 lb. Deming Agate and Crystal GIANT Standing Sculpture - WOW!!

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This is one of the most beautiful and dramatic examples of this gorgeous and uniquely patterned agate you'll come across!  This is a massive 18 lb. agate and clear quartz crystal nodule from Deming, NM.  It's cut as a stand-up display specimen to show off all of the rich color in the blue, white, clear and gold agate as well as the amazing clear quartz crystal that fills the center of the stone.  It looks like a waterfall of cascading crystal!  The sides and back of the sculpture are the natural rind of these agate nodules just as they are extracted from the hard rock mining pit they are found in.  The display face is polished to a mirror finish to really show off the natural beauty hidden within this stone! The base is cut flat so that it stands as shown without the need for a display stand.  This one is really impressive and is going to look amazing wherever you display it!  I'd only seen a couple of these in my life and was able to get some huge pieces to work a couple of years ago.  This one is a light, pretty color and one of the more interesting I've cut in one of these unique agates.  An absolutely unique and showy agate with a gorgeous, mirror polished face ready to display! 

Deming agate was always something approaching a myth in my mind.  I'd heard about it for years, and every now and then I'd see a small colorful piece of agate that had been mostly carved away to nothing in a cabochon that the owner would proudly announce was Deming agate, but I'd never seen it in the rough until this summer.  I was stunned to see such massive nodules.  Some people call it a seem agate, but it looks more like the kind of kinked extruded form you see in thunderegg agate lenses when the matrix wears away.  It's apparently mined in fairly hard rock and difficult to extract.  Most of what I saw didn't have a lot of color, it was largely quartz - but a few choice pieces were fancy enough to bring home and get to work on!

This stone has been professionally cut and polished on a special lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on!

This is a nice mantle sized collector specimen. It stands about11" tall and measures about 8" wide overall and a little over 7" wide at the base.  The base is cut flat and is about 4 3/4" thick at the thickest part so it stands erect as shown in the photo. Weight is just a touch under 18 lbs. 

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