ODDLY PRESERVED MESMERIZING 17"+ Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Slab!

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Here's a breathtaking and head scratching specimen all in one! This is one of the strangest Hubbard Basin petrified wood rounds I've cut. It's loaded with hematite and other minerals to provide a rich array of color and some strange inclusions overlaying the detailed wood grain. The color spectrum represented in this log cross section is simply breathtaking and most unusual for this forest! The preservation appears to be laced with tendrils of minerals or perhaps an organic growth that formed in a decaying log or something of that sort that remains a mystery to me. It is visually captivating and mysterious all at once. The color pattern is much darker than the typical habit for this site. The growth rings are pierced by a very long spike knot on the left side that goes from the outside edge nearly all the way to the center pith! It's a beautiful and unusual feature revealed in a lucky cut! There are some small drusy crystal lined cavities as well. This perfect slab is cut from remarkably well preserved and nicely shaped, colorful petrified spruce log! The wood grain is very easily seen in many regions towards the outer rind while the unusual mineralized growth that appear to have formed in cavities is something I've seen in only a small handful of other logs from this site. I'm uncertain if it could be a fungal growth or if it is mineral in origin but it's a fascinating puzzle frozen in time either way!

Here's an absolutely gorgeous, nearly flawless petrified wood round from one of the most prized petrified wood deposits ever discovered! If you aren't familiar with the Hubbard Basin petrified wood from Nevada, you should be! It's a very colorful variety, though true collectible pieces from this location are not plentiful. This piece has all of the best colors that these coveted specimens are famous for. The characteristic blue, white, red, black and gold along with a lot of other colors appear to have been painted into the stone with the single intention of drawing a gasp from the fossil wood collector on sight!

Besides being beautifully colored, it's also perfectly preserved. The flowing wood grain from this complete round starts at the heart (near bottom edge) and forms massive arcs through every region of this highly colorful wood. The cells are uncommonly well preserved for Hubbard Basin wood with virtually every colorful region showing excellent wood grain preservation right down to the ray cells within the growth rings! The detail in the lighter regions is washed out in the photo, but it's easily visible in the actual stone. Hubbard Basin petrified wood is highly prized among fossil and gemstone collectors because of it's uniquely beautiful blue color and gold, red, etc. inclusions. It's also some of the best agatized wood to be found and is sometimes even translucent (this round is in several regions). Wood is relatively scarce from this region and true collector pieces are very seldom encountered. The qualities that make a piece valuable are color, completeness, shape and fracture free - this piece has them all and is guaranteed to be one of the most unique Hubbard Basin specimens you'll ever see!

This is a nice, large cross section of petrified wood for this location - a very nicely sized display piece. Most of the logs in this deposit were larger spruce and other conifers. This round is complete, although most of these specimens were from softer wood species and like their cousins in Cherry Creek (Nevada's other famous deposit) they tended to get "squashed" in the ground forming oblong rounds when cut.

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This stone has been professionally cut and polished on a special lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on that others can only aspire to!

This specimen is cut from the center of the log and is a perfect slab/plate. It measures 17 1/4" x 10" wide across the mirror polished face. It's cut about 0.78" thick. Weight is 8.50 lbs.

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