MUSEUM GRADE 9" Deschutes River Canyon Petrified Wood - Fossil ELM - Exceptional Specimen!

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It's been years since I've seen a specimen of this species from this prized location and what a beauty it is. It's a nice sized round at a great price that every collector should be able to make room for. The agate preservation of this antiquated log is simply superb which means it's really a great medium to show off our polishing skills and the cell structure has to be seen to be believed - take a look through our exclusive zoom view! Like many of the logs in the Deschutes River petrified wood deposit, the trunk shows signs of decay before it was petrified. This site is most famous as being on of the top three sites for petrified oak in the world, but there are a few other hardwoods sometimes discovered amongst the fossil oak logs, and in this case it appears that a very well preserved hickory was among them! This one is one of the most perfectly shaped and beautifully preserved petrified elm slabs I've ever come across from this site. The trunk had undergone significant decay before it was petrified but retained its integrity enough to produce this beautiful cross section. The central portion of the slab is stabilized more than enough to enable the stresses and abuses of sanding and polish to achieve the mirror finish the stone now shows off. The structure is well preserved through much of the polished slab and I've included a microphoto to give a feel for the incredible detail contained within this beautiful specimen. Some zones show the confluent parenchyma very clearly while others show the rays and earlywood pores crisply. The attached photo is from an area that shows both with reasonable clarity. Of course we've polished it to a mirror finish to really show it off and make it a true museum piece!

This is a world class petrified hickory round from Oregon's Deschutes River canyon near the Columbia River gorge in North Central Oregon. This deposit is most famous for the oak trees found there, but a few logs of other hardwoods come out from time to time. This beautiful, perfect round is consistent with today's elm trees. This canyon has produced what are arguably the finest fossil oak trees ever found - rivaled only by Swartz Canyon and Stinking Water Pass (also famed Oregon locations). The same geological processes that worked their magic on the oak trees buried there have produced some truly gorgeous hickory rounds. The incredible preservation of the wood combined with the gorgeous colors and natural shape of the log make this a really special fossil wood. This exceptional specimen was obtained from an estate that collected these logs several decades ago. The color is darker than most Deschutes wood, and few are this flawlessly preserved. Like most of the Deschutes oak petrified wood, this piece is very highly agatized! The high agate content means that this piece has polished up beautifully. It's just amazing how beautiful petrified wood can be, and the fine oak specimens found in this remote Central Oregon desert location are among the finest in the world.

This piece has fabulous cell structure that can be appreciated easily with the naked eye. If you peek at it with a hand lens it will really bring a gasp! The wood grain is very visible in this piece both in the dark agate inside and the white, ash preserved exterior. This is a nice, medium sized specimen which is not often found in this location (the logs that preserved tended to be on the large side). The smaller size makes owning a world class, museum grade round from a very high-quality log very affordable!

This stone has been professionally cut and polished on a special lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on! It measures about 9 1/8" x 7 1/4" wide. It's cut about 0.55" thick. It weighs 2.30 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!

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