MAGNIFICENT PIRANHA Agate Geode Specimen - Strikingly Colorful Dark Blue Thick Slab!

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I think this may well be my favorite agate that I've cut from this site. I couldn't believe it when I opened the saw and saw what was revealed in this gorgeous geode nodule!
This is a beautifully colored and really excellent agate to introduce a new collector to our unmatched stone finishes as well as the amazing beauty hidden inside some of the worlds agates! It's a particularly nice specimen cut from the center of an uncommonly colored agate geode nodule from the Piranha deposit in Brazil. I purchased a large batch of cabbing grade agate many years ago that makes some wonderful and unusual specimens and this one is one of the most unique. You should expect the colors in this highly translucent agate to vary considerably depending on which sort of lighting you view it in. The stone is photographed in direct sunlight which really brings the colors to light, it is considerably darker (and in my opinion, even showier) with indoor lighting. The dark colors are beautifully framed by a white rind and they flow around a thin sparkling drusy geode cavity that is threaded through the center of the stone. It's just amazing and I say that even after handling thousands of agates over the years in the Sticks in Stones rockshop! The 100% natural colors in this gem grade agate are truly beautiful in any light conditions. It has been polished to perfection on our custom built equipment to produce the kind of mirror finish that only our shop delivers on each stone we sell - enjoy!

NOTE: The second photo is taken from a mate cut slab from the same nodule. I've included it to show edge detail and finish quality which are virtually identical in this piece but difficult to capture consistently in a photograph.

This is a chunk of nicely patterned fortification agate that I recently polished. It's a classic "whiteskin" agate nodule from Brazil. I was intrigued by the fine rind I could see in the stone and chose to cut it as a specimen rather then let it fall prey to the trim saw as cabbing material. I cut and polished the face to reveal the subtle agate colors and show off our polishing skills. I'm offering this mostly to entice a new shopper to pick up a nice stone at a nice price to see our polish work first hand. I guarantee you'll be amazed at how perfectly wet looking the surface of this stone is. Few lapidaries are able to come close to the work we produce and that means most collectors never get to see true collector quality finishes. Toss out the winning bid on this piece and I'm confident you'll become one of our many repeat customers! This piece comes to life with a wet looking, deep, lustrous finish that lets you see deep into the stone and makes your eyes wonder just where the surface begins!

This stone has been cut and polished in our shop to produce a quality finished product that is guaranteed to put the stuff you see in the retail shops to shame. As a dedicated (obsessive?) hobbyist, I've spent years perfecting my lapidary technique to produce mirror perfect finishes that look wet to the touch. You simply won't believe how good our polish is until you see it yourself! I've designed and built special laps that produce one of the finest, glossiest, flattest finishes to really show off the beauty of these natural treasures.

This agate is fairly large and represents a classic whiteskin from the Piranha site. It measures about 5 1/2" x 4" on the polished face, is cut about 1/2" thick and weighs 0.66 lbs.