Large 12" Gorgeous Striped Polished Antelope Picture Jasper Slab - Desert Sunset!

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This stone is much nicer and the color more appealing than the poor photo conveys. The soft, subtle color spectrum is lost in the picture - the lucky new owner is sure to be pleasantly surprised! This is the only example of this jasper that I've ever cut that had such a pronounced striped pattern and I just love how it transitions into the more classic picture jasper formations in the upper region of the slab. This slab came from a much larger than average sized nodule for this rarely encountered picture jasper mine as well. But what you will really be amazed by is the polish this fine porcelain jasper attains. This is truly one of the most unique and beautiful of all the lapidary materials we work with!! The Antelope picture jasper comes from the string of claims in the Owyhee country of Eastern Oregon. This particular mine was very near the Morrisonite pit which was the most prized of all of the Oregon picture jaspers. Not a stone we work with often, but once you've seen the polish we obtained on this gorgeous picture jasper you'll know why we work it when we can find it!

This is a really beautiful specimen of picture jasper that we obtained a decade ago as part of an estate collection in Idaho. We've never been able to track down any more of it, but were told it was "Antelope Jasper" by a jewelry designer who had worked with the stone (and wanted some). A little more research over the years finally revealed the site as being right next to the Morrisonite pits in Eastern Oregon. It is one of the "porcelain picture jaspers" most prized by gem cutters and collectors because of it's rich colors and patterns, and unparalleled porcelain like qualities. There was also a period of time where the claim sold this gemstone under the trade name "Firecracker Jasper". This gorgeous jasper takes a polish like no other! The flowing lines tend to orient themselves as landscape scenery. It's almost always pink to red with an orangish/brown rind that will occasionally show up as pattern inside the stone itself. The formations near the rind are very intricate and quite pretty. Combined with the finish, this is a truly gorgeous display specimen! The jasper is often cut up as cabochon jewelry which is very attractive, but my personal taste is towards large specimens that show how this gorgeous stone looks when simply cut and polished.

This is a slab I cut from a gem grade nodule of this fine jasper. I cut several slabs and polished some as specimens several years ago and only recently worked up this stone. I'd almost forgotten how pretty it was! It was ground and polished on a flat lap to bring out all that gorgeous color! It's ready for display in your own rock & gemstone collection, but it could be cut again into jewelry (just don't tell me about it!) You'll really appreciate both our hard earned skill and the natural ability of this stone to show off a really high quality polish!

This is a nice sized specimen. It measures about 12" x 8 1/8" and is cut about 0.53" thick. Weight is 3.48 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.