GREAT STARBURST WOODWORTHIA - Spectacular 5" African Petrified Wood Round!

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This is a beautifully colored, perfectly preserved and finely detailed Zimbabwe Woodworthia specimen and one of the best that I produced from this fine log. It's also one of the more perfect examples that I've had the pleasure of offering! I wasn't sure what this log was going to yield and held off cutting it, but was more than pleasantly surprised by the bold pattern of colors highlighting the growth structure of this amazing fossil! The anticipation in finishing these has been tremendous! These darker, highly agatized logs are among the finest petrified wood fossils found on the planet and the preservation is just exceptional. It's hard to describe unless you've seen a few other logs from this forest but some logs like this one achieve a glass like polish that just takes your gaze and won't give it back! It's really a compelling and captivating piece of natural fossil art with a magnificent polish! The annual rings are pierced by the bold rays to form one of the prettiest fossil formations you'll ever see in petrified wood. The spine scars are also easily visible on the husk of the rind around the perimeter. It's all polished to perfection of course right here in our shop. And the color represents some of the best of the specimens from this forest you'll find. One of my all time favorites in a wonderful collector size specimen!

This round is from a smaller log that still has the stellar rays emanating through the entire round from the spike knots this wood is identified from. In the last couple of years I've started seeing some really fascinating petrified wood coming into the US at the big import shows from Zimbabwe, Africa! The wood is typically green, brown and black and exceptionally well preserved on the exterior. The interior reminds me of a lot of the Utah wood in detail (i.e. it's hit and miss) but the best pieces show beautiful spike knots leading up to the spine bases that coat the exterior logs. You'd recognize these specimens anywhere as the logs are consistently the same colors inside and out, and the exterior is coated with an unmistakable pattern of spine scars. The wood grain itself varies in quality, but the best of these pieces show spike knots in cross section (they look like rays coming from the center of the log) and a good cut will show several of them.

This wood is quite unique and really a much more interesting fossil than most of the Woodworthia we get here in the US. The green color is something you have to see in person to understand - it's not really comparable to any other petrified wood and it's difficult to get a representative photograph that really does the color justice. The wood has a reasonably high silica content so we're able to coax a nice polish out of the specimen.

This round is cut from the center of a very solid log. It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from a business named "Sticks-in-Stones"?! We've applied all of our considerable lapidary skills to bring out a mirror finish and produce a specimen worthy of display in your own collection. You can also make out some of the spine scars on the edge of the slice.

This piece measures about 5" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.49" thick. Weight is 0.84 lbs. Stands sold separately.