FABULOUS GEMMY 10"+ Cherry Creek Petrified Wood Slab - Fossil Conifer, Nevada

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This gorgeous and very gemmy petrified wood slab is even better than the photo can show with deep rich colors that are just gorgeous in person! It's been many years since I've had any of this wood to work with in the shop but a recent estate acquisition provided a couple of exciting new stones for us to cut! This is a very slow growing, tight ringed conifer slab that includes the center pith. You couldn't begin to count the growth rings in this medium sized cross-section slab but the tight, squiggly growth rings are very clearly preserved and easy to study under magnification. The exact species is beyond my skills, but it is a resin canal free conifer that grew very slowly. It's from Cherry Creek, Nevada, and shares some of the same gemmy characteristics that its neighbors at Hubbard Basin do. This is an old-time location that I haven't seen any new wood from in years. This slab was part of an estate sale purchase we made last year. We took great pleasure in cutting, sanding and polishing this beautiful specimen to a mirror finish that is ready for display. There is a small 1/4" wide flake on the right edge (visible line in the photo) but is otherwise about as perfect a specimen as this site can produce! Few full rounds are found at this site - most of the wood is chunks of incomplete logs, but this one appears to be a full and complete cross section from a medium sized trunk with a nicely centered heart. The mirror finish we've achieved on this piece needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated, as does the color in this very gemmy petrified wood slab!

This is a really striking specimen of the petrified wood found in the sagebrush bowl known as Cherry Creek in Nevada. It's a pretty impressive cross section from a smaller sized log. Virtually all of the logs from the primary Cherry Creek site are squashed flat. If you've followed our auctions or toured our website, you know what a horrible challenge it is for us to get good photos of this particular type of wood. The collectors who have been bold enough to look past the lousy pictures have been rewarded with exceptional collector pieces and this nice, incomplete cross section is one of them. Despite what it looks like here, Cherry Creek is a finely detailed petrified wood with very well-defined growth rings in tight patterns and tons of rich colors (dominated by red, white, gold and black). Many of the pieces found there will show crystal lined voids while the rest of the stone is made up of absolutely gorgeous gem quality agate preserving this ancient fossil. What sets the Cherry Creek wood apart from other varieties is the incredible array of color often found inside, especially the rich red tones. This variety also typically has very nicely preserved wood grain structure unlike the other colorful varieties like Arizona & Madagascar. Even the cell structure from the growth rings in this attractive fossil specimen are very well defined and perfectly preserved. My digital camera doesn't do well with light tones (they always get the details washed out) but they are there, and they are very impressive! The colors include lots of cream, yellow, tan, red, orange and brown - it's really a lovely specimen!

This is a full round cross section from a reasonably complete log. The logs at this dig are almost always "squashed" by the immense pressure they were under while being petrified (similar species and petrification process to Nevada's other great petrified wood location - Hubbard Basin). It took a beautiful polish, it really does look like a mirror! It's another one of those beautiful fossil treasures that some happy Sticks-in-Stones customer is going to flip over!

This fine slab is a true collector piece. It measures 10 3/8" x 4 3/4" wide on the polished face and is about 0.47" thick. Weight is a little 1.50 lbs.

A nice, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!