Vibrant Rainbow Color 6 lb. ARIZONA Petrified Wood RIP CUT Bookend Set!!

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This is a very uniquely colored set of small to medium sized petrified wood bookends from Arizona, and the last set we cut from this exceptionally colorful petrified log! We don't often work with this wood because it's so far from our home state, but I picked up a really colorful chunk in an estate sale a few years ago and just got around to cutting it recently. This particular piece is really eye catching as it is rip cut (cut with the grain of the wood, like lumber would be cut) to really show off the color in the flowing wood grain! This wood is mined on a large ranch near Holbrook, Arizona. The species is Araucaria, an ancient conifer that dominated the Late Triassic landscape and is an ancestor to modern redwoods. You have the option of orienting these as shown in either photo, depending on how you like the wood grain to be situated. The pieces are mirror images to one another, including a band of fused gravel from the ancient river bed that this log came to rest on to begin the process of petrification over 200 million years ago! Petrified wood from this area is highly prized for the intense color of this gem grade fossil which takes a beautiful polish to reveal all of the color contained inside! They make dramatic bookends that are guaranteed to be 100% unique and natural treasures!

This is a truly wonderful, gem grade set of bookends cut from petrified wood. The fossil wood used in this set comes from Arizona. This particular wood comes from a separate deposit from the famed Rainbow wood but is every bit as colorful, just centered in different tones. This one still has that famous red desert Arizona color accented with blacks and whites. The agatized wood is a really rich combination of colors in natural, high contrast tones that show well in the wet looking polished face. Most of what is found in this rich deposit is Araucaria but I can't tell enough about this wood to say that's what it really is. It's incredibly well agatized, crafted like only Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary can, and will make a fantastic natural treasure to add to the high bidder's home or office!

We select only the showiest pieces of petrified wood to cut into bookends. These pieces are carefully cut in our shop so that you end up with a perfectly matched pair, one agate piece is the mirror image of the other. Of course, there are plenty of differences in the two halves, but the photo should let you appreciate how well we do this. The bookends sit perfectly upright and are completely square to one another. They are felted on both the sides and bottom to protect the books and the shelf. We make sure they are 100% functional on top of being beautiful! Of course, these agates proudly show the perfect polish that the Sticks-in-Stones rockshop has dedicated itself to. The finish looks poured on - but there's nothing there except rock!! This is the only set of really red bookends we have cut from this location so don't miss this fabulous natural treasure!

Each half measures about 5 1/4" tall by 3 1/2" wide at the widest spot on the polished face. They're cut roughly 1 3/4" thick. Weight for this set is about 5.8 lbs. which makes these bookends suitable for books like paperback novels, travel books or reference books but a little on the small side for textbooks or law books.

What better way to accentuate a bookshelf, desk or your mantle than with this unbelievable natural work of art! Good luck!