Truly AMAZING 7"+ Blue Mountain Orbicular Picture Jasper Slab - MUSEUM GRADE!

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This museum grade slab comes from the most dramatic nodule I've ever cut! I've been fortunate to cut some truly amazing pieces from this highly prized mine but nothing that compared to this one! You simply won't see one with more awe inspiring orbs than the slabs cut from this incredible, dark green nodule!

This exceptional gem grade display slab of Blue Mountain jasper is unquestionably the finest dark teal green colored example I've ever cut. It's amazing to find so many large, intersecting orbs and such dark, inky color and pattern in a cantaloupe sized nodule!! The overlapping orbs you see in this slab are the most coveted pattern found in any of the picture jaspers and this one is really a dandy. The banded, swirling/striped color pattern within the orbs is unprecedented in anything else I've cut from this famed and highly prized mine and looks like space art! The polish we're able to achieve on these specimens shows why the stone is so sought out by jewelry designers and collectors alike. The face of this nodule is so highly polished that it appears to be glistening wet! It's hard to say whether it's the color, the luster, or the logic defying pattern of the orbs inside this stone that make it so difficult to look away from! The highest grade of this famed picture jasper has orbs that appear to have been individually poured into the stone and this one shows how incredible the color and orb pattern work together to make truly breathtaking scenes. This one is much darker than typical for the mine with a shade that borders on dark jade green. It's a magical and mesmerizing effect that even the uninitiated are immediately drawn to. This is one of the more expensive lapidary materials that we work with in the shop, but like much of our work, we think the stone is so beautiful that it just needs to be appreciated in its full, natural glory with just a cut and mirror polished face, ready to display in your collection! Even though the stone is a jasper, it is still translucent enough to look different in different lighting conditions. Good light reveals the most color variety and all those subtle swirls of color within the orbs. This is a thick specimen slab polished on the face, cut smooth and flat on the back with a full natural rind around the perimeter.

One of the most sought after treasures every time word of an old collection starts to spread are the rare and seldom seen picture jaspers that have long been the most coveted treasures of many rockhounds. Oregonians are fortunate to see these more often than most collectors because so many of the famous mines were either here or in neighboring states. One of my personal favorites are the scenic, porcelain picture jaspers. Some of the best have long since been mined out and the only way you can find them is in old time collections. I recently obtained some promising nodules and I've been busy cutting the stone in my shop!! This particular variety of picture jasper comes from the Blue Mountain digs in Oregon. Blue Mountain jasper is an orbicular jasper (like Bruneau or Willow Creek) and a picture jasper (like Biggs or Owyhee). It sometimes has the same kind of landscape lines as the latter, but the best grades will have either partial or sometimes even complete orbs like the former. It's one of the most highly prized (and expensive) jaspers in the state. What really makes it special is the color. It makes simply gorgeous specimens, but is more often sought after for jewelry. It can have an incredible variety of landscape scenes formed from swirled patterns of red, tan, green, gold, brown and blue. It's also an extremely hard jasper that takes a fabulous polish which is why it's often cut into cabs and sold in custom jewelry designs. I haven't ever seen a lot of this material, but I recently plopped down a sizable stack of cash for some of the best rough material I'd ever had the chance to buy from this mine and I've been busy getting some really choice specimens ready.

This piece is a perfect slab specimen cut from the center of a full skin nodule with some of the best pattern I've ever seen. I've polished it using my specially designed flat laps to produce a mirror perfect finish on a this gorgeous stone. It doesn't show in the photo of course, but the finish looks like the stone is wet! It really brings out the colors and patterns in a way you have to see in person to truly appreciate.

It measures about 7 1/8" x 5 1/4" across the polished face. It's cut about 0.40" thick. It weighs about 1.02 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.