SUPERIOR QUALITY 14" Madagascar Petrified Wood Round - Warm Rich Colored Slab!

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I'm cutting a few logs from a new digging site in Madagascar and I just couldn't be more pleased with incredible specimens coming out of the shop! We cut this beautiful piece from one of our most recent imported fossil logs and it is every bit as spectacular as it appears in the photo! Somewhere in Madagascar there is an entire hillside of gorgeous autumn colored logs like this one - but here in the US this is one of only a small handful I know of that produced such perfect and colorful specimens! This is a larger sized and very attractive, virtually perfect round cut from the center of a choice petrified wood log from Madagascar! This is not one of the dull, lifeless specimens you see in other retail shops with stone from this remote island nation. This slab was cut and polished in our shop right here in Oregon and it is gorgeous! You haven't really seen what the beautiful petrified wood from the other side of the world can really be until you've seen one of the specimens we've prepared in our shop. Our polished slab are prepared with a mirror finish unmatched by any of the import specimens you typically find offered on eBay! Color like this is hard to find and when finished properly, these petrified wood slices become one of the most beautiful natural displays you'll ever lay your eyes on!! A gorgeous collectible fossil Araucaria specimen and one of the best from the log! Don't miss it!

One of the largest and most productive petrified forests on the planet is on the huge island of Madagascar off the southern African coast. While many have seen the bland and lifeless specimens that are most typically found in this huge deposit, few have had the opportunity to see the top grade, colorful gem fossils that are occasionally unearthed there. Fewer still get to see them properly prepared with a mirror finish to reveal all of the rich fossil wood grain and color! Even the rind on this log is amazing, offering up a perfectly contrasting sandy texture that still looks like a log today. Last year we located a new source of logs that have produced some truly museum grade specimens and this stunning monster is definitely one of them! The material was so good in fact that I travelled halfway around the world to be able to select the best pieces this particular forest had to offer! The color alone makes it a collector piece - but add in all the other features in this nearly flawless specimen and you can see why I was so excited to have found the log! They truly do not get much better than this folks, no matter what forest you're looking at!

It's just amazing how beautiful petrified wood can be and this fine specimen found halfway around the world shows to what lengths people will go to bring these treasures to market! If you don't own a top grade piece from this increasingly important deposit yet in your own collection, this is your chance.

This is a complete round cut from the center of a nice sized log. It shows the distinct (and uncommon to see so well in logs from this location) honeycomb grain structure of modern conifers (no resin canals visible) which makes it related to modern fir and sequoia (it's probably araucaria). This stone has been professionally polished on our own custom built lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. It is a full slab cut from the center of the log. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on!

It measures about 13 3/4" x 10 1/2" in diameter. It's cut about 3/4" thick. Weight is 8.48 lbs.

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