Stunning WHITE AGATE Large 7+ lb. Ultra-Rare BURMESE Petrified Wood Log Sculpture - Myanmar Fossil Gemstone!

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This type of stone is quite difficult to photograph well in outdoor lighting conditions because it is an almost porcelain white agate that overwhelms my digital camera. In hand, this is one of the more dramatic pieces we've created this year. It's a full log cross section from an ancient tropical hardwood that has been petrified and replaced with very hard, very solid white agate. Not only does the high agate content mean the display face is polished like a mirror, but even the weathered sides of this ancient log are naturally weathered and wind polished to produce a unique and mesmerizing natural artwork! This mirror polished petrified wood sculpture was cut from one of the single largest, solid white agate logs that we imported a few years ago from Burma. We found a new source for quality petrified wood there and have been off on a series of adventures trying to secure some of these new petrified logs to work with in our shop! It took several trips and a lot of logistics, but we finally managed to get the shipment here to work into specimens in our shop! The colors are clean and contemporary and still carry the ancient look of fossil wood millions of years in the making! It's particularly well preserved and gemmy and represents some of the finest fossil wood found anywhere on the planet! It looks very much like some of the well preserved hardwoods found here in the Pacific Northwest, but it comes from halfway around the world in central Burma! The species is unknown to me - the pores are relatively large and sparse, a bit like some of the rosewood examples I've seen but not exactly like those either. Many of the tropical hardwoods looks something like this so it's difficult for me to say what species it is with my amateur identification skills. This beautiful standing display specimen has a very clean, professional but antiquated presence and would look fabulous just about anyplace you chose to put it to work. I've polished this nicely preserved fossil wood into a gorgeous, beautifully finished natural artwork that shows all of the original texture of the end and sides of the massive fossil log and the finely detailed growth structure revealed beautifully in the mirror polished face. It is entirely possible that this is all of the stone we'll ever be able to obtain from this location, so don't miss a chance at something truly unique and beautiful for your collection!

This is a really gemmy display piece cut from a solid, larger sized petrified log that came from halfway around the world where it was uncovered in farmlands in northern Myanmar. While these adventures provide a certain degree of color in my own life, I ultimately do it for my own passion for these amazing stones and the ancient stories they tell. I have not been able to date any of these logs yet (but I will continue to work on it and share that info when I have it). It is my sincere hope that a rare and uncommon specimen for your own collection as the fruits of these early endeavors to find a new source will be something you can enjoy as well. Trust me, it sounds like a lot more fun than it is as it took my body a couple of solid weeks to recover from each trip to a country that has only recently begun to open itself up to western trade through a series of highly published political and economic changes that they are still struggling with.

It is always difficult to find a fair price for something new, made even more complicated in this case by the uncertainty of whether I'll ever be able to obtain any more of it. The direct costs involved in obtaining the small amount of material I was able to fly home with as samples cannot be recovered from the stone I obtained, even at the price point of a rare collectible. Fortunately, I was successful in my attempts to import enough raw material to cut in my shop and produce some truly unique and absolutely beautiful natural pieces of fossil gem artwork! It was more than a little trying to navigate the very complex trade requirements of Myanmar to purchase a larger shipment of these stones, but after months of navigating red tape I am finally able to offer a nice variety of choice, rare specimens at an affordable price.

Myanmar miners gather petrified wood from several locations in the country but the vast majority of it is exported to China and very little is ever seen in the west. The wood is finely preserved and richly colored. Most of the species I've seen now have all been tropical hardwoods save for the occasional petrified palm. The wood is very hard and highly silicified and takes a remarkably good finish, something that sets it clearly apart from the softer but much more abundant Indonesian petrified wood. If you haven't seen any of this amazing fossil stone then these incredible bookends would be a bold start!

We select only the showiest pieces of petrified wood to fashion our display specimens from. These pieces are carefully cut in our shop so that you end up with a perfectly crafted, mirror polished fossil gemstone ready for display in your home or office. This truly one of a kind production proudly shows the perfect polish that the Sticks-in-Stones rockshop has dedicated itself to. The finish looks poured on - but there's nothing there except rock!!

This stone measures about 10 3/4" tall & 4" wide at the widest spot on the polished face. It stands just under 10" tall. It is cut about 5 1/4" thick at the base. Weight for this piece is about 7.12 lbs.

What better way to accentuate a bookshelf or your mantle than with this unbelievable natural work of art!