SiS: X-LRG & X-RARE 15" Grassy Mountain Petrified Wood Round - BUCKEYE!!

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I'd never seen wood quite this color come from the Grassy Mountain region, but the fellow who discovered this log was following a chip trail to an alluvial deposit that yielded two short sections of the complete log (the rest disappeared down into some solid, hard rock stream bed that has long since fused together).  That was surprising enough, but once cut and polished it revealed itself to be another species I'd never seen in this region - buckeye!!  It's a doubly rare, gemmy fossil - a beautiful display specimen!  This is the single largest full round that this log produced and it's a relatively thick slab as well.  This is the last full cut from the larger log section and it is as close to a flawless, full cross section specimen that this unusual log produced. This one has much better cell structure preservation than most from this region, and it shows beautifully in the mirror polished face.  It's also the largest slab from this rare log! 

One of the finest and most highly desired petrified wood specimens anywhere are the colorful, glass like Grassy Mountain petrified wood specimens from the Succor Creek area of far Eastern Oregon. This wood is easily the most colorful, most agatized petrified wood found in Oregon and rivals the brilliant colors of Hubbard Basin in Nevada. Like the Hubbard specimens, this wood is typically dominated by blue and gold (but it has fewer reds and whites) and it's so well agatized that wood cell structure is rarely observed, though the growth things are often plainly visible. Unfortunately, very little of this wood has been found and less still is available in the market. I snatch up every scrap I see and I still have handled less than 1/2 dozen pieces in the last couple years! When I came across this complete log I had to have it. It produced only a handful of specimens, but this fabulous, exceptionally well preserved round was one of the best. If you don't have a Grassy Mountain round in your collection, this would be a dandy. It appears to be a diffuse porous hardwood (almost certainly a hard maple based on my reference books) and is preserved in a darker agate than is usually found in this location. The cell preservation is a lot better than typical Grassy Mtn. as well, but the agate is unmistakable. The sun was at a low angle for this photo and really lit up the translucent stone. In normal room lighting it looks darker because there isn't as much light getting into the agate, but at more than 3/8" thick, even the lamp light in this room shows through the back! It's beautiful and showy in any light. The heart is well centered and the shape is wonderful - a terrific round from a rare location to round off even an advanced collection!

Besides being beautifully colored, it's also perfectly preserved. The flowing wood grain from this round starts at the heart and forms massive arcs through every region of this highly colorful wood. The detail preserved in this piece is much finer than other specimens I've seen from this region. You can bet a piece of this one is staying in my own collection! Grassy Mountain petrified wood is highly prized among fossil and gemstone collectors because of it's uniquely beautiful colors and gold, red, etc. inclusions. It's also some of the best agatized wood to be found and is sometimes even translucent (this piece is).

If you haven't seen our petrified wood specimens before then you've been missing one of the best treasures found on eBay! We work hard to find the best specimens from the most prized locations and then work with our magic to create a world class specimen for your collection. The piece is quite solid and meant to be handled. A quick squirt of windex will remove fingerprints from the glassy polished surface.

This stone has been professionally cut and polished on a special lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on!

It measures about 15" across the longest dimension over the polished face, or about 13 3/4" x 12 1/2" wide across the polished face as it sits in the photo. It's very thick and cut about 1.03" thick.  Weight is about 12.44 lbs. 

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