SiS: WORLD CLASS 5.7 lb. Mirror Polished Deep Translucent PIRANHA Agate Nodule!

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This is an excellent, truly museum grade extra large Piranha blackskin Brazilian agate specimen that really shows off our unmatched polishing skills!  These relatively dark and richly colored versions of Brazilian agate are among my favorite stones to work.  The color combinations found inside the highly translucent Piranhas are among the finest of any fortification agates collected anywhere on the planet!  While the photo is full of reflections in the mirror polished face, the color transitions in the stone itself are liquid like and the surface so highly polished you can't quite tell where it starts as you stare into it!!  This is a very nearly flawless agate nodule with a dark, fully intact rind and only a couple of very minor internal fractures in the highly translucent agate.  The polish we are able to achieve on these stones is simply something you have to see in hand to fully appreciate.  The camera couldn't even decide whether to focus on the stone or the mirror image in it's reflected face! 

Many vendors use words like "mirror finish" loosely to describe any polished stone, but look carefully at the first photo and you'll see hints of the unequalled quality of our lapidary work!!  The finish is so perfect it appears wet!!  This massive 5+ pound full pattern, full skin nodule really let us show off our craft!  A truly gorgeous piece of natural artwork!

This is a really large nodule cut from an absolutely unique Brazilian agate boulder I finished this winter. It's impossible to appreciate this stone for what it is simply from the photo which means some lucky collector is going to be absolutely thrilled with the treasure they take home soon! This is a mirror finished, large specimen with ever deeper shades of smokey blue and earthy orange that fade through several other amazing shades of color. The back of the stone is completely natural, showing the rough exterior skin of a giant, highly translucent blackskin agate.  Both the skin and a very old weathered exposure of the agate itself are visible on the back. The picture can't come close - I hope your imagination can do the rest! The stone is very translucent and the darker colors show best in strong light.

This stone has been cut and polished in our shop to produce a quality finished product that is guaranteed to put the stuff you see in the retail shops to shame. As a dedicated (obsessive?) hobbyist, I've spent years perfecting my lapidary technique to produce mirror perfect finishes that look wet to the touch. You simply won't believe how good our polish is until you see it yourself! I've designed and built special laps that produce one of the finest, glossiest, flattest finishes to really show off the beauty of these natural treasures. This agate is fairly large and has good heft.

It measures about 10 1/4" across the polished face and weighs 5.72 lbs!  It's a little over 3" thick front to back. 

Stands available and sold separately.

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder offered by Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary - eBay's Original Rockshop!