SiS: WORLD CLASS 16" Arizona SCHILDERIA Petrified Wood Round - Very Rare!

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We had the opportunity this year to buy a particularly rare and beautiful petrified wood log from Northern Arizona.  This gorgeous slab is the first of the small number of slabs we'll be able to get from this stunning log.  This wood is formally known as Schilderia admanica and it is from the late triassic period - about 225 million years old!  I've seen these in books and museums every now and then, but I'd never had the chance to cut one, let alone such a magnificent specimen!   The log was pricey, but it had such immaculately preserved structure and nicely contrasting color in a solid piece with very few fractures that I jumped at the chance to buy it!  The slabs are turning out even better than I'd hoped - these are true museum pieces and are far better than most I've ever seen!  Schilderia was the far rarer tree present in those ancient Arizona forests and only grew to about half the trunk diameter of the giant Araucaria most people are familiar with from Arizona.  The log is very nicely agatized and took a magnificent polish to bring all of that amazing color and beautiful rays to life as only the best grades of petrified wood can.   It's a relatively expensive gem fossil but when you see a Sticks in Stones original you know it's been prepared perfectly, ready to display in your home or favorite museum!! 

I don't often get top grade examples of petrified wood from Arizona and what I do see is usually table top size and not very easy for a collector to display.  This particular log is an exception to both rules.  I didn't find it, but I sure wish I had!  It's one of the best preserved larger sized petrified Schilderia logs I've seen from that state and deserves a place in your collection as well.  Most of the petrified logs found in this particular area are Araucaria, but those bold medullary rays are the unmistakable clue that this one is something quite special!

If you're new to our shop the one thing you should expect is to see an unexpectedly glossy finish on each stone we prepare.  This complete round is a wonderful example of the best lapidary work you'll find. It's been cut with a diamond saw and flat lapped on equipment I built myself to produce a mirror perfect polish unmatched by any of our many would-be imitators. The detail captured and revealed through the highly polished surface is just immaculate. It's easily some of the best Arizona wood to be found anywhere! The rays are gorgeous, the agate is highly polished, the color is pleasing and the detail is easier to see in person than the photo suggests. It's a truly special find and we won't likely have a lot more so get a piece for your collection while it's available!

This is a very solid slab from the center of the log and measures about 16" x 10" across the polished face.  It is cut approx 0.53" thick.  Weight is 5.66 lbs.

A nice, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!

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