SiS: Very Gemmy 15" CEDAR Petrified Wood Round, Vantage, WA - ESTATE COLLECTION!

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This truly incredible specimen comes from one of the best preserved fossil hardwood forests on the planet.  It was discovered in the Columbia Basalts near Vantage, WA.  It's not only beautiful and glassy, it's also very finely preserved.  Countless growth rings are visible to the naked eye and under magnification you can see every tiny detail and pore of an exquisitely preserved petrified conifer-like tree.  This piece came to us from the Jim Leicht collection and is one of our favorites if not the most puzzling!  I reworked the finish on this piece to make it into a true fossil art piece but even with the mirror finish the structure only becomes more of a puzzle.  Jim had labeled the specimen a conifer and I think it probably is, but I'll urge the new owner to study it closely and consult further reference sources as the pores between the rays seem to diverge from what I typically expect to see in a conifer with strands more randomly arranged.  This is the area that produced some of the best fossil gingko trunks around and there are so few to compare to that I cannot rule out something along those lines either.  My gut tells me it is something more akin to cedar, but I'm really not certain.  It's a gorgeous, glassy and intimately preserved specimen with countless growth rings from a very old, slow growing trunk.  This is a very highly polished, thick cut round from a highly prized location that has produced many world class petrified wood specimens.  It has a perfect finish that reveals all this fine detail - only available from eBay's Original Rockshop - Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!  Look at the intricate cell structure in this piece in the micro-photo I've included in the listing.  This is the only specimen like this in the collection and we won't see another! 

Note:  This slab was part of the Jim Leicht collection but the stickers that Jim placed on it have since been partially damaged.  The markings, including stickers, that remain are left on the back for posterity and provenance.

This is a truly amazing, beautifully prepared petrified wood specimen that has been cut and prepared with skill.  This slab was part of the Jim Leicht estate collection.  Jim lived in the foothills of Mt. Hood in Oregon.  During his long collecting career he amassed not one but two world class petrified wood collections.  His first collection he sold and donated in the late 20th century to focus his passion on spheres.  But even his sphere collection filled with petrified wood and his tastes and interests shifted again to the pursuit of world class petrified wood collector pieces.  This piece comes from that second collecting effort which itself spanned more than 30 years.  I had the good privilege of knowing Jim and we'd trade from time to time for pieces neither of us could live without.  This slab is one of the few pieces from that collection to finally make it back into circulation for a new collector to cherish.  Jim collected petrified wood from all over the world but, like many, was particularly fond of the gem grade wood found in the Pacific Northwest.  I visited Jim's collection a few times over the years and always admired the breadth of his incredible specimens.  He was "old school" and much preferred to keep track of other collectors and collections with frequent phone calls, which proved to be an invaluable source of tips and leads not just for him, but for everyone fortunate enough to be on his call list!  Those of us who knew him will miss his friendly, passionate view of both the hobby and those who participate in it.  The bulk of his collection remains in the hands of another private collector who has asked me to assist with offering a few duplicates to balance the collection.

This is a really beautiful specimen of the petrified wood found in our home state of Washington.  The town of Vantage has several private ranches that have produced some truly stunning petrified hardwoods from time to time.  This one was found in that area and had been housed in a private collection for decades.  The collection only recently became accessible to us and we've obtained some marvelous pieces the likes of which you're unlikely to find anywhere else.  Here's a wonderful chance to add a fantastic quality show piece from a rarely seen location to your own collection!  This wood is some of the best preserved, exceptionally agatized wood around.  It has just a touch of opal which makes them polish up to look wet to the touch - they are simply gorgeous and the 3-D wood grain has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated!

This is a nearly perfect and complete round taken from an intricately preserved fossil tree trunk.  Just look at the detailed wood grain in the zoom view above!  It's preserved with absolutely gorgeous gem quality agate with a high opal content in warm, natural wood tones forever capturing this ancient fossil. The exterior rind is typical of this area where the highly silicified wood gave way to basalt flows that tended to create rougher edges. The inside, however, is a richly colored array of gem quality agate that preserved the wood grain beautifully in every detail! The cell structure from the growth rings in this attractive fossil specimen are amazingly well preserved all the way through the face.   

It's cut from the center of a complete petrified log that allows you to see the rays, rings and other cell features very easily with a 10x loupe (the rings are visible to the naked eye). This specimen has been carefully polished to show off all the gemmy detail inside.  Reasonably fracture free too.  It's another one of those beautiful fossil treasures that some happy Sticks-in-Stones customer is going to flip over!

This beautiful, easy to display round measures about 14 3/4" x 12" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 1.1" thick.  Weight is 11.36 lbs.  We'll ship this one UPS ground and it can be combined with other items to save on shipping costs. 

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.