SiS: UNUSUAL RED & GOLD 8+ lb. Hubbard Basin NV Petrified Wood Bookends -UNIQUE!

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This is a set of petrified wood bookends cut from a very unusually preserved petrified log.  This is an unusual find from one of the most famous and prized of all petrified wood collecting spots - Nevada's Hubbard Basin.  It's actually a fossil gem tree that is more of a cast than a direct wood replacement, though you can still make out bits of wood growth structure near the rind under magnification.  The log that produced this stone represents a unique type of petrified wood I've only seen a couple of times in this fossil forest.  The color in this ancient fossil gemstone is a rusty gold with threads of orangish red.  The stone is highly silicified and took a nice polish.  The texture of the log is still visible on the outer husk of the stone.  Truly beautiful and 100% the work of mother nature with only a little modest help from our shop!!  It's a unique collectible that represents an extreme in the spectrum of beautiful fossil wood gemstones found at this sought after location!

This is a really gemmy set of bookends cut from the center of a nice, larger sized petrified log that is anything but typical of the Hubbard Basin site.  This fossil forest is highly prized by collectors and rockhounds for the completely agate replaced spruce logs now buried in this remote desert location.  The colors are typically centered in blues and whites with a lot of gorgeous colors including red and gold, black and pink, and just about any shade in between.  I have occasionally seen a log that has this sort of gold and rust cast around one edge, perhaps indicating a wet layer or different mineral composition in a muddy tomb perhaps, but this is the only log I've ever encountered that was completely preserved this way!  There are small red fortification agates throughout the mirror polished face and even a few drusy crystal cavities exposed as well. 

We select only the showiest pieces of petrified wood and other gemstones to cut into bookends. These pieces are carefully cut in our shop so that you end up with a perfectly matched pair, one agate piece is the mirror image of the other. Of course, there are plenty of differences in the two halves, but the photo should let you appreciate how well we do this. The bookends sit perfectly upright and are completely square to one another. They are felted on both the sides and bottom to protect the books and the shelf. We make sure they are 100% functional on top of being beautiful! Of course, these agates proudly show the perfect polish that the Sticks-in-Stones rockshop has dedicated itself to. The finish looks poured on - but there's nothing there except rock!! This is the only set of bookends we have cut from this location so don't miss this fabulous natural treasure!

Each half measures about 6 5/8" tall & 4 3/4" wide at the widest spot on the polished face. They're cut about 1 3/4" thick. Weight for this set is about 8.44 lbs. which makes these bookends suitable for just about any sized book you have including the typical sized text book, reference books or cook books.

What better way to accentuate a bookshelf or your mantle than with this unbelievable natural work of art! 

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.