SiS: UNUSUAL 12" Green & White Hampton Butte Petrified Wood & Agate Cast Slab

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This is one of the most unique petrified wood formations I've come across in quite some time!  This is a cross section from a very large fossil wood and agate cast combination that formed in Oregon's famous Hampton Butte petrified forest.  The green half is partially decayed petrified wood while the white and red region is a jasper like agate replacement.  Neither zone shows wood structure anymore (typical of much of the wood found at this site) although the shape of the trunk, possibly a stump, seems to be fairly well preserved.  This is truly one of the more colorful and fascinating specimens I've seen from this forest.  We've polished this big slab to a mirror finish in our shop to produce a truly ancient and captivating collectible!  

Arguably one of the most well known and interesting petrified wood deposits in Oregon is the "Green Wood" deposit at Hampton Butte in Central Oregon. This wood is more jasperized than agatized and is often more of a cast than a wood replacement, though exceptions to both of these are certainly found. The logs are more often than not fractured, but the colors are unmatched anywhere else. The dominant color is green - REALLY GREEN! These are sometimes accented with white, yellow, red, orange and other classic jasper tones - but green is what it's all about if you're looking for a good Hampton Butte specimen. Not every piece will polish well, and they don't all look an awful lot like wood, but a good specimen is tough to beat and a must have for any serious petrified wood collection - or even if you just happen to love green!

We obtained this log as part of the estate from one of the single largest petrified wood operations that has ever existed in Oregon. We've combined the best of the equipment from that shop and dozens of tons of rough to our own shop in the last few months. We've been incredibly busy assembling what is now Oregon's largest petrified wood lapidary shop and we're having a great time cutting some truly amazing petrified wood! This great green round is one of the first fruits we're able to share from that acquisition. if you've ever drooled for a big green petrified wood cast with lots of nicely accenting agate pockets - this one simply can't be beat!

This round is kind of tough to get a good photo of, but the color is pretty true on my monitor. It's a very green stone with an amazing agate region. Most Hampton Butte casts don't show much wood grain and this one is no exception. It isn't something you find a lot of in Hampton wood as the pieces tend to be more jasperized casts than wood replacements. It has a pretty high agate concentration and took a nice polish - something we work hard to produce on every stone we sell!

I don't see a lot of this wood for sale any more, but it really is one of the more brilliantly colored specimens you'll find in our great state and something you will undoubtedly appreciate most when you see it in person.

This is a fairly large and very unusual fossil log cross section of petrified wood. No major fractures in this one either.

If you haven't seen our petrified wood specimens before then you've been missing one of the best treasures found on eBay! We work hard to find the best specimens from the most prized locations and then work with our magic to create a world class specimen for your collection. The piece is quite solid and meant to be handled. A quick squirt of windex will remove fingerprints from the glassy polished surface.

It measures about 12" x 9 3/4" wide and is cut about 0.77" thick. Weight is 5 lbs.

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