SiS: ULTRA-BUGGY Wyoming Crazy Horse Petrified Wood Round!

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This fascinating scallop patterned round is a relatively new discovery that comes from one of my favorite petrified wood deposits in a seldom explored corner of Wyoming's famed Eden Valley known as Crazy Horse.   It's a lovely, nicely shaped round with great wood preservation in a magnificent and visually striking color scheme with perfect structure under magnification!   These logs will bleach out to show wood grain in dramatic fashion if left in direct sunlight, but most are perfect just as they are cut and I've prepared several to show off the amazing contrast!  This specimen is particularly chewed up with a lot of very nicely preserved and visually distinct insect borings, most of them full of frass!  You won't see a more eye appealing, perfect round out of the Wyoming petrified forests! 

Here's an absolutely beautiful petrified wood round cut from the center of a gorgeous log that's got a lot of high contrast color patterns showing throughout the perfectly preserved log frozen inside. It has really nice wood preservation with a very well defined heart in the center of the log and it's very highly agatized! The wood is exceptionally preserved and shows the cells very clearly all the way through the specimen!

The wood found in this particular deposit has more color and more interesting patterns than any other dig site in the valley.  The Crazy Horse wood typically has a scalloped appearance and blue/tan/black color pattern that is just hard to describe with words, but the pictures definitely tell the tale! This wood comes from a nearly secret bed the locals call Crazy Horse in a seldom explored corner of Eden Valley, the same valley that contains Wyoming's famed Blue Forest wood. It is a uniquely preserved bed of particularly beautiful logs in central Wyoming. The digging is hot and dusty, but every once in a while you stumble on a real treasure and this big log is one of them! The rich colors the wood is preserved in are characteristic of these specimens, as are the infusions of agate and calcite that filled the cracks and coated the log!

This is a perfectly flat slice from the center of larger than average sized log from a pepperwood tree. It's been cut and polished to show off all the gemmy detail from this 50 million year old treasure captured inside. It took a pretty awesome polish - something we strive to produce on every specimen we put our name on! The fibrous cell structure of the radial wood grain is exceptional and easily studied with a hand lens.

This is a nice sized specimen, and it is close to perfect - something that will show proudly in any collection. It measures about 7 1/4" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.70" thick.  Weight is 2.04 lbs. 

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.