SiS: TRULY MAGNIFICENT Large 18" Petrified Wood Round from CHINA!!

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I wish we could get our hands on a huge stash of these slabs, but this material is no longer being exported and what is in circulation today is all that we are likely to ever see.  This incredible round comes from the best of all of the logs of colorful Chinese petrified wood that we ever acquired!  This one has a some of the most stunning, dramatic color you'll see in petrified wood anywhere - and the high agate content of the wood means that we were able to coax an almost unbelievable wet looking shine from the stone in our shop.  The wood growth struture of this ancient conifer tree is exquisitely preserved in this gemstone, even to the naked eye. The colors are also quite appealing with a rich and nicely agatized center that oozes brilliant color!  There are several geode cavities that are lined with crystals of various sizes exposed as well, including right in the center.  There is a flake missing on the back that leaves a thin spot near one edge but it is relatively minor and isn't anything that complicates display.  We've ground and polished the main face of this slab to a mirror flat finish right here in our shop, while the back still retains the original, lower grade export finish work done in China.  This incredible specimen represents the latest exotic petrified wood collectible available exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!   The color combination in this wood is unmatched and it takes an unbelievably high gloss polish!!

Chinese rounds are very seldom seen in the western world and the few that are around have been priced exorbitantly by shysters.  It's with great pleasure that I'm now able to offer true museum grade specimens unmatched by any other Chinese wood I've seen at a tiny fraction of the price these crooks purveyed!

This round comes from one of the most promising and best shaped of all of these logs.  It is from a slower growing conifer that shows the cell structure very well in several regions. In the best zone, I can clearly see the perfect honeycomb like cell structure you see in conifers like araucaria, but it's hard to tell these apart in simple cross-section and it might be some other exotic conifer. The wood is richly colored in shades that are not quite like wood found anywhere else on the planet.  I was very pleased when I polished the first one of these logs and had the chance to confirm the wood structure was indeed preserved well.  It's a finely preserved conifer showing dozens of growth rings. There is plenty of high grade agate in this specimen to show off the fine wood grain details right down to the tiny rays between the annual rings. A wonderful and truly rare treasure from a far off continent that few collectors have ever even seen! I have seen a couple of randomly shaped chunks on stands from China (the Chinese value these as "viewing stones") but fine rounds are rarely seen and very few collectors have had a chance at such rarities - until now!

This nice round comes from one of the few logs I saw from this particular deposit that showed the promise of preserving the wood grain. The miners I met had logs from several areas and while this one showed obvious color, few of it's partners showed much promise for wood detail preservation. It would be a great piece to round out a collection and I doubt I'll be able to get these again - it really is something that shouldn't be passed on if you are growing a collection or just appreciate the undeniable beauty of this rare stone.

It's cut from the center of a nicely shaped log that allows you to see the cell features easily with a 10x loup in several areas. This specimen has been carefully polished to show off all the gemmy detail inside. It took a beautiful polish, testament both to the quality of the specimen and the exceptional lapidary work we apply to every piece we produce! It's another one of those beautiful fossil treasures that some happy Sticks-in-Stones customer is going to flip over!

One of the few reasonably undamaged rounds we were able to get.  It measures about 17 3/4" x 14" across the polished face and is sliced about 2/3" thick. It weighs about 11.4 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.