SiS: STUNNING DOUBLE HEARTED Large 9"+ Eden Valley Wyoming Petrified Wood Round

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True double hearted logs are relatively uncommon anywhere, but they are particularly rare to find in Wyoming's Eden Valley petrified wood deposits.  This spectacular specimen is one of those incredible pieces with two (maybe three?!) nicely balanced hearts bifurcating a single log.   I suspect that the slab is cut from a section of the log that is very close to the base of the trunk where the roots start to appear in the wood grain to create this marvelous work of natural art!  This is one of the more striking, extra-large rounds I've seen come out of the this wonderful petrified forest in some time.  This central Wyoming deposit is one of the most prized anywhere and includes the Blue Forest digs where wood with this color and texture (but usually much smaller) is coated and infused with colorful blue agate, giving this ancient forest its name.  The agate on this round is darker and more translucent, and it includes a nice colorful pocket of golden calcite near the top.  The size of the log quite a bit larger than what is found a few miles away at the Blue Forest site as well.  It's a very striking fossil gem with gorgeous wood growth structure and natural textures in a mirror polished display specimen!  This one has some really nicely preserved insect borings as well!

Here's an absolutely museum grade petrified wood round cut from the center of a gorgeous log that's got a lot of high contrast color patterns showing throughout the perfectly preserved log frozen inside. It's got really nice wood preservation with a very well defined heart in the center of the log and the most stunning wood grain you'll ever see in one of these pieces!  The wood is exceptionally preserved and shows the cells very clearly all the way through the specimen!

This wood comes from Eden Valley, the same deposit that contains Wyoming's famed Blue Forest wood. It is a uniquely preserved bed of small branches and occasional logs in central Wyoming. The digging is hot and dusty, but every once in a while you stumble on a real treasure and this big log is one of them! The dark black coffee and cream colors the wood is preserved in are characteristic of these specimens, as are the infusions of agate that filled the cracks and coated the log!

This is a perfectly flat slice from the center of much larger than average sized log from a pepperwood tree. It's been cut and polished to show off all the gemmy detail from this 50 million year old treasure captured inside. It took a pretty awesome polish - something we strive to produce on every specimen we put our name on! The fibrous cell structure of the radial wood grain is exceptional and easily studied with a hand lens.

This is a much larger than average specimen, and it is close to perfect - something that will show proudly in any collection. It measures about 9 1/4" across the polished face and is sliced roughly 0.44" thick. Weight is 1.62 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.