SiS: SPECTACULAR Polished Agate Slab - Drusy Hollow Crystal Center!

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Easily one of the fanciest and most colorful of all the agate slabs we've worked with this year!  I just love these translucent stones with their nearly infinite numbers of of colors included in the bands - they are one of my favorite types of Brazilian agate and to get one with a big crystal lined hollow center is an extra treat!  You can really appreciate how fine the banding is when this stone is backlit, but the real beauty is still in that immaculate polished face.  The color and crystal lined cavity are both unique and lovely and make a great medium to show off our lapidary work.  And if you haven't seen our polish work on a true collector piece like this then you're missing the best eBay has to offer!  Our finish work is so perfect the stone looks wet!  It's what sets our agates and petrified wood apart from the vast majority of what you find available from commercial sellers and hobbyists elsewhere!

We had the chance to purchase an unusually nice selection of large agate slabs a couple of years ago at the big import show in Tucson.  There were some truly beautiful stones available with absolutely terrible polishes.  Many people never get the chance to see a world class, collector quality finish on these fine agates and once you see it yourself you'll never be able to look at the import stones the same way again. This gorgeous, highly colorful agate is one of the nicest in the lot. It's got a really nice range of colors and fine bands around a large crystal cavity in the center of the stone. The big hollow center is lined with naturally terminated clear quartz crystals!

If you aren't familiar with these fine agates, they are one of several varieties that are mined in Brazil. These agates are popular because they have such varied colors and almost never have any kind of fracturing. They have the potential to be polished to a liquid perfect finish, but few of the specimens you will see in retail shops have been treated well enough to see it.   A mirror perfect, wet looking polish is achievable on these stones and really brings out the natural beauty and reveals a true natural piece of art instead of a gift shop trinket.  Our stones sell for much higher prices than the majority of those featured on eBay and our finish work is the reason.   We have many imitators, but none can truly match the Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary finish!  It's hard to see in a photo but it's precisely why so many eBay collectors return to our shop again and again!

This stone has been carefully polished on a specially designed flat lap we built to give a liquid perfect polish to this natural gem surface. Measures just about 5 1/4" across and is cut about 0.24" thick. It weighs 0.38 lbs.  Stands sold separately.

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder offered by Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary - eBay's Original Rockshop!