SiS: PREMIUM GRADE Colorful 4.5" Willow Creek Orbicular Jasper Polished Specimen

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I found this slab in a long forgotten box of cut material and knew I had to polish it!  I had every intention of adding it to my own collection but as I was organizing my orbicular jasper pieces I realized I'd already placed the mate to this one in my own collection.  I actually feel this one is nicer mostly because it is thicker, but not different enough to justify the effort to rephoto the other piece.  It presents a unique opportunity to add a world class porcelain jasper slab to your collection that tops the one I kept for my own!  Willow Creek jasper is one of those gorgeous porcelain jaspers that there never was a lot of and what is around now is crazy expensive.  This stone is much finer than the poor photo conveys. The soft, subtle color and orbicular pattern is lost in the digitized photo, but this beautifully polished specimen is a wonderful example of this gem variety - the lucky winner is sure to be pleasantly surprised! What you will be amazed by is the polish this fine porcelain jasper attains - this is truly one of the most beautiful of all the lapidary materials we work with!!  This is a perfect, uniformly thick slab polished on one face to a mirror finish (the back is cut smooth and flat) and ready to display. 

This is a really beautiful specimen of Willow Creek jasper from Idaho. Willow Creek is one of the "porcelain picture jaspers" most prized by gem cutters and collectors because of it's soft pastel colors and unparalleled porcelain like qualities. This gorgeous jasper takes a polish like no other! I only recently obtained my first rough specimens of this material and had a chance to work some up, though I've admired the beautiful colors, patterns and glossy finishes of this Idaho gemstone for years. The flowing lines sometimes tend to orient themselves as eggs or circles and sometimes just arcs. Willow Creek jasper is almost always pink or green and some pieces have a little of each. This one is almost all green with just a hint of purple on some of the edges. It's a lovely, light mint green - just gorgeous! The jasper is often cut up as cabochon jewelry which is very attractive, but my personal taste is towards large specimens that show how this gorgeous stone looks when simply cut and polished.

This is a slab I cut from a gem grade nodule of this fine jasper. I cut several slabs and polished some as specimens but only recently finished this nice end cut. It was ground and polished on a flat lap to bring out all that gorgeous color! It's ready for display in your own rock & gemstone collection, but it could be cut again into jewelry (just don't tell me about it!) You'll really appreciate both our hard earned skill and the natural ability of this stone to show off a really high quality polish!

This is a pretty good sized specimen. It measures about 4 1/2" x 4 1/4" and is cut about 0.46" thick.  Weight is 0.44 lbs.

You'll have to see this one in person to believe it folks - it's gorgeous!

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.