SiS: PERFECT STARBURST 5" Argentina Petrified Wood Round - RARE & GORGEOUS!

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You will see very few truly perfect, flawless full rounds in your lifetime, and here's one you can actually own for less than you might guess! Here's the latest world class petrified wood round from our Argentina collection!  This stunning specimen shows the rays that formed in the desiccation cracks of the trunk as this ancient conifer log dried before being petrified.   Our initial thinking was that this might be the spike knots of Woodworthia, but the lack of spine scars on the exterior and other consultation have firmed up the ID as a rather gorgeous wind polished rind that adds to the beauty of this unique and now difficult to obtain specimen.  The white area at about 6 o'clock is softer and forms a small hollow where a knot once grew. This piece is particularly well agatized and took an amazing polish the likes of which you'll only find time after time at Sticks in Stones Lapidary! 

NOTE:  Second photo is taken from a mate slab from the same log.  It's included to show edge detail and finish quality which are virtually identical in this piece but notoriously difficult to capture in a photo. 

This is one of the most unusual and beautiful, complete petrified wood rounds from one of the most exotic new locations I've seen in quite a while. This very fine grade of petrified wood came from the southern tip of South America in Argentina! It is what remains of an ancient forest that thrived many millions of years ago. This round comes from one of the newest logs we've obtained from that part of the world. It is one of the most well preserved and showy logs we obtained in that shipment.   These unusually well defined and very gemmy logs come from the Rio Negro Province in Argentina and represent some of the best petrified wood specimens you can find anywhereThose of you who follow my auctions know what an awful time I have getting photos that accurately represent the quality of lighter colored specimens and this one is no exception. It is a truly beautiful and finely detailed petrified wood round that is nearly perfect in preservation, shape and appearance. The growth rings are easily visible to the naked eye, as are the honeycomb textured rays that fan out from the heart of this unusual round. The shape of the plate is very appealing but the really eye catching part is the color pattern and those amazing spike knots emanating out from the heart, through an orange/red ring, to the rind. I kept two slices of it for my own collection but this beautiful and nearly perfect specimen can be yours today!

We were able to get some of the best logs we've ever seen recently and this round is one of the first we've finished from that acquisition.  It is much more striking in real life than my camera can capture. This is an incredibly agatized log that polished up unbelievably well. I'm very excited by these new logs in general, but this gemmy plate stood out as one I was most anxious to see polished just because it was so densely and finely preserved. Quality like this is hard to find anywhere and this important deposit is capable of producing some wonderful rounds!

This top quality round is not only 100% there, rind and all, but it has some of the most stunning growth ring detail you'll ever see in petrified wood. If the timeless mystery of this piece isn't enough for you, then I'm certain the simple, natural, gemmy beauty of it will be. The high agate content allows this stone to be polished to a liquid perfect, lustrous finish that only the best grades of fossil wood can achieve and few lapidaries are both skilled and patient enough to produce. This round is about average for most of the Argentina specimens I've seen. It's a great collector size to fit nicely into most display cabinets.

This round is is a perfect slice taken from the center of a very solid log. It's really a nice piece, but what else would you expect from a business named "Sticks-in-Stones"?! Polished to the highest standards using our own unique process, we guarantee you'll be pleased to show off this fine specimen in your own collection.

This piece measures about 5" across the mirror polished face and is cut about 0.38" thick. Weight is 0.58 lbs. 

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