SiS: MY FINEST SPARKLING 1 lb. Agate & Crystal Geode Specimen!

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This is one of our prettiest and showiest geodes this year.  The stunning quartz crystals in this lovely geode are sharp, clear, extra clean and super sparkly, and the extra clear points uniformly fill the entire gaping cavity.  These geodes look extra nice when re-polished with our trademark finish replacing the dull, hazy import finish other geodes are sold with - you won't believe how much nicer it really is until you see it!!  The colors in the outer agate bands are natural and beautiful and are particularly pretty in this specimen as well - the agate is so translucent you get a different look depending how much light you have available to put into it!  These stones are increasingly difficult to obtain from the mines and the prices have skyrocketed as regulations have sharply curtailed mining, but there is no place on earth that your collectible dollar buys more than in our shop.  These geodes never last long - pick one up and see for yourself what sets our agates and petrified wood apart from the rest!  

When I was in Tucson a few years ago I found a gentleman who was running an import business bringing stones up from South America. This, in itself, was not unusual. What was unusual was the quality of the fine agate geodes he had on display. It turns out the fellow found a new outfit down there that was just getting started and they were focusing almost exclusively on absolutely top notch stones! I couldn't believe the selection of fine crystal filled geodes this fellow had. The only (small) downside was the price. They were fairly expensive by Brazilian standards, but I had to take a chance and pick some of the nicest ones there to sell while also selecting some for my own collection. I'm pretty picky and I assure you these are truly exceptional geodes.

This one is filled with a very large, extra deep pocket of extra large, sparkling clear quartz crystals tipped with faint lavender that are particularly shaped and clean! It looks like a giant ice cave inside the geode that the photo simply can't capture but your eyes will be truly amazed by! The naturally colored agate bands themselves are wonderfully deep and translucent. With the mirror polish we obtained on this specimen using our own special lapidary machinery & skills you'll be ashamed to have any other stone sitting near it! Our agate geodes are polished much, MUCH better than the commercial stones - we start where the average shop stops. You'll be able to see and appreciate the difference right out of the box!

This grapefruit sized stone has been cut and polished to show off the fine fortification agate bands and exotic crystal formations that surround the inner cavern.

It measures about 3 3/4" wide on the polished face and weighs 0.98 lbs.

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder offered by Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary !