SiS: MUST LOOK! 9"+ Eden Valley Petrified Wood Round LAUREL

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This may well be my favorite one of these pieces I've offered!  Every now and then a log from Wyoming's Eden Valley petrified wood deposit will reveal a new surprise - and this one did just that!  It's an exceptionally well preserved petrified laurel tree.  A small deposit of these unusual fossil gemstones were discovered many years ago in a remote corner of this valley and I just lucked into another one from an old estate collection!  This piece is nearly perfect and has both a nice shape and good color and wood grain. This is not a common species in this vast petrified forest and to get one in such a large, showy, highly agatized round with this kind of structure preservation is just an amazing treat!  Take a look for yourself in our pioneering zoom photo!

No other petrified wood supplier can come close to providing the quality specimens our shop has dedicated itself to.  We go to all lengths conceivable (and some we're just starting to imagine!) to bring you the finest petrified wood specimens found anywhere in the world and this fabulous museum piece is just the latest example of why Sticks-in-Stones petrified wood and agate specimens are the best to be found on eBay - or anywhere else!

Here's an absolutely museum grade Eden Valley petrified wood round cut from the center of a perfectly formed log that's been cut and polished into a fabulous display specimen!! It has really nice wood preservation throughout with a very well defined heart in the center of the log and the most stunning wood grain you'll ever see in one of these pieces! The heart is clearly visible in the center of this nice, larger round.   

Eden Valley is home to some of the best petrified wood in Wyoming, including the Blue Forest. It is a uniquely preserved everglade like bed of small branches and occasional logs in central Wyoming. It's part of the same "fossil lake" formation that a lot of the best known fossil fish are recovered in. The digging is hot and dusty, but every once in a while you stumble on a real treasure and this little log is one of them! The dark coffee, caramel and black colors the wood is preserved in are characteristic of these specimens.

This is a perfectly formed round taken from the center of an extra large sized log from a laurel tree.  It's been cut and polished to show off all the gemmy detail from this 50+ million year old treasure captured inside. It took a pretty awesome polish - something we strive to produce on every specimen we put our name on! The fibrous cell structure of the radial wood grain is exceptional in this specimen, and easily studied with a hand lens.

This is a really nicely sized specimen - fascinating and beautiful in the micro and the macro - and it is close to perfect - something that will show proudly in any collection.  It measures 9 1/2" x 7 5/8" across the polished face and is sliced at a very slight taper that goes from about  0.43" to 0.73" thick. Weight is 2.62 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.