SiS: MAGNIFICENT RIP CUT 10" ARIZONA Petrified Wood Display Natural Sculpture!

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This spectacular piece of natural fossil art shows clearly how the Arizona "rainbow wood" earned its name!  This beautiful piece of petrified wood is cut from one of the most colorful Arizona rainbow petrified logs I've personally handled!  This gorgeous log section is "rip cut" along the wood grain instead of across it which reveals all of that stunning rainbow color in an arguably even more artful way than the traditional cross section cuts.  The flowing color in this piece looks painted on but it's 100% natural and revealed just as time produced it through our cut and mirror polished face.  It's a nice sized standing sculpture display specimen cut from the side of a large fossil log.  There's more clear wood structure on the rind of this log than is typical for the specimens dug in this area making it a particularly nice standing sculpture with a clear natural history story to tell!  It was excavated from a private ranch in Arizona near the town of Holbrook.  It's some of the most colorful wood I've seen come from this famous petrified forest.  It stands firmly on a flat cut base as shown in the photo and the face is polished to a mirror finish as only we promise on every piece we offer.  The base is cut flat, while the sides and back are rough and natural, just as they came from the ground.  This beautiful stone has a very impressive presence that would look amazing as a mantel piece, on a desk, or on your bookshelf.  

This is a piece of petrified wood from what is arguably the most famous petrified wood deposit around - the great Arizona Petrified Forest! Don't worry, this wood was mined (as it still is today) from a private ranch near Holbrook, AZ, not pirated away from the National Monument. Despite some of the wild claims you see in various eBay auctions, this wood is still quite available and legally for sale at reputable rockshops including the big one just outside the monument. The problem with being famous is the folklore that follows I suppose. The reason this wood is so famous is pretty clearly demonstrated in this gorgeous specimen. Arizona wood (Rainbow Wood as it is sometimes called) is just filled with rich colors, often dominated by red and black but covering every color in the rainbow! This lovely specimen is a very attractive and unusually patterned, richly colored log that really shows the wood grain and color off better than some of the giant display pieces often will!

This piece is cut as a "stand-up" for displaying. If you haven't seen our standup specimens before, they are larger, blockier pieces of petrified wood cut in such a way as to present a sloping face so the pieces can be enjoyed sitting on a table, desk, shelf or mantle and the polished face is visible whether you are standing in front of them or over the top of them. The pieces are quite solid and meant to be handled. A quick squirt of windex will remove fingerprints from the glassy polished surface.

This lovely piece of fossil wood is ground, sanded and polished on a series of special laps we built to bring you the highest quality lapidary finish available on the market. The Sticks-in-Stones polish is something our customers have come to appreciate and seek out. We guarantee you'll be impressed too!

This piece stands about 5 1/2" tall and measures about 10" wide across the mirror polished face.  The stone is about 3" thick at the base.  Weight is about 9.84 lbs.

Another Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary quality stone collectible!