SiS: INCREDIBLE 14 lb. Petrified Wood Bookends - STUNNING Fossil Oak!

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We've recently completed several new sets of bookends and we're going to kick off our season with a wonderful set from one of our favorite petrified wood deposits ready for your bookshelf!  The petrified oak trees found near the Deschutes river canyon in central Oregon are some of the most prized petrified wood anywhere in the world.  The distinctive and easily recognizable petrified oak wood grain combined with the colorful preservation from one of Oregon's most famous petrified forests just has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated - and everyone who sees these will immediately recognize that they are truly incredible gemstone fossils with a polish that reveals every detail of an ancient oak tree! 

This is a truly wonderful, very solid set of bookends cut from petrified oak wood. The fossil wood used in this set comes from Oregon's famed Deschutes river canyon. This is the legendary gem grade fossil oak that collectors have relentlessly sought for several decades as the king of all petrified woods. This particular piece of petrified oak came from a blocky section of an enormous log we purchased years ago as part of the Burnett estate.  I couldn't resist any longer and finally cut it this summer.  Even after all these years I can forget out how nice this particular wood variety turns out and it *really* turned out nicely!. This particular piece of fossil oak is very well preserved and easily identified by the naked eye.  Under magnification we can see that it most closely resembles modern red oak. The agate face reveals both the growth rings and the medullary rays in the richest natural wood tones you've ever seen in stone! It's incredibly well agatized, crafted like only Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary can, and will make a fantastic natural treasure to add to the high bidder's home or office!

We select only the showiest pieces of petrified wood to cut into bookends. These pieces are carefully cut in our shop so that you end up with a perfectly matched pair, one agate piece is the mirror image of the other. Of course, there are plenty of differences in the two halves, but the photo should let you appreciate how well we do this. The bookends sit perfectly upright and are square to one another. They are felted on both the sides and bottom to protect the books and the shelf. We make sure they are 100% functional on top of being beautiful! Of course, these agates proudly show the perfect polish that the Sticks-in-Stones rockshop has dedicated itself to. The finish looks poured on - but there's nothing there except rock!! This is the only set of bookends we have cut from this log so don't miss this fabulous natural treasure!

This is a larger sized set.  Each half measures about 8" tall & 8" wide at the widest spot on the polished face. They're cut about 2" thick. Weight for this set is about 13.74 lbs. which makes these bookends suitable for everything from small novels to cookbooks and even textbooks.

What better way to accentuate a bookshelf, desk or your mantle than with this unbelievable natural work of art! Good luck!

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