SiS: INCREDIBLE 12 lb. FACETED Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood Sculpture - Beautiful & Colorful Agate Log!

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This is the latest creation from the Sticks in Stones rockshop, and it is really a magnificent piece! We truly enjoy the chance to get to work with so many rare and special pieces and I'm sure it shows, but every now and then we come across something where we simply don't have the words to describe it - and if you follow our offerings, you know that's saying something! But this amazing log has done exactly that. It's a very well preserved, nicely shaped, colorful, pastel hued, intricately figured Hubbard Basin petrified wood log. The agate is glass like and both of the cut faces polished to a gorgeous mirror finish. It weighs a little under 12 pounds and has been cut and polished on two faces to reveal the stunning, colorful agatized wood structure preserved within. It's classic coloring for Hubbard Basin petrified wood with lots of color variety including many of the shades of agate that you'd expect to find in the best pieces from this deposit. The wood grain and color are incredible in the mirror polished faces, and the antiquated, naturally weathered rind of this ancient spruce log is equally as fascinating. Look closely and you'll see nice knots revealed in the polished faces! The bottom is cut flat to stand as shown in the photos for displays. It's a unique piece in many respects and makes a fascinating and curious natural work of art and a can easily be the anchor piece in a serious petrified wood collection.

This is a truly amazing piece of petrified wood. I'd been collecting petrified wood for several years before I came across my first piece of Hubbard Basin wood and I simply couldn't believe petrified wood could be this beautiful. You don't have to be a petrified wood collector to appreciate how amazingly gorgeous this agatized fossil from an ancient forest is. While the wood looks punky, rotten and brittle on the outside, if you touch it you realize quickly that it's not brittle at all, but agate hard and textured something like coral on the edges, made up of solid agate the rest of the way through. The interior is typically preserved in blue and gold agate with black, white, red, pink and other colors sometimes filling in the spectrum in the finest pieces. The wood isn't common (and is getting harder to obtain) as the digging is quite difficult and increasingly unproductive. The Nevada desert that it comes from is freezing cold in the winter and blistering hot in the summer. In other words, there isn't a lot of the high quality variety of this treasure in circulation. Our supply is arguably the best in the world, and this fine specimen demonstrates why we can claim that! I guarantee that once you've added a piece of this spectacular, highly agatized wood to your collection you won't look at any other petrified wood with quite so much admiration again. It's that gorgeous!

This particular chunk is a short log (rough and natural on the sides, cut flat on the bottom). It is fairly large and has quite a bit of 3-D appeal. This log formed a fairly complete round, but it's hard to make out the whole pattern in the face. Most Hubbard wood has a flattened and distorted profile as the logs compressed under the weight of the layers of the planet they were buried in before petrification. If you've been hankering for a true collector grade specimen of Hubbard Basin petrified wood, I'm confident you'd be thrilled with this interesting and unique collector piece. Truly a stunning piece, but perhaps best of all it is finished with a quality finish that only Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary provides consistently on every piece we sell! Our lapidary process produces the finest finish in the business and when you hold this piece in your own hands we know you'll agree!

This stone has been professionally cut and polished to a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on!

It's an impressive display size too, measuring about 9" x 6 1/2" across the beautifully polished left face and 9" x 5 1/2" across the smaller right face. It is about 6 3/4" at the thickest part of the base and it stands naturally as shown, without a stand. Weight is about 11.8 lbs.