SiS: GORGEOUS 33" x 22" Petrified Wood Table Top Stone Slab - MIRROR POLISH!

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This is the latest in our petrified wood table offerings.  It's a very colorful conifer slab from a truly magnificent petrified log - the color pattern is truly unique and absolutely 100%25 natural!  This is a choice slab cut thick enough to be used as a table top but could also be mounted on a wall for a natural artwork display (contact me for mounting options).  This piece has a mirror finish that shows every detail of this ancient fossil in glorious detail - from growth rings down to microscopic cells!  The color and the wood structure are simply breathtaking revealing nature's beauty in a timeless artwork that was literally millions of years in the making!!  And at nearly 600 square inches of polished fossil gem wood, it also represents the best value you'll find in a giant petrified wood slab!!    

This large piece ships in a custom built wooden crate via UPS ground. 

Here's an absolutely gorgeous, complete and colorful petrified wood round from one of the most prized petrified wood deposits ever discovered in Asia!! It's a very colorful variety of petrified conifer from the Upper Triassic that easily rivals the best fossil wood found anywhere else on the planet.  It's highly agatized and takes a fabulous polish, and we've worked our magic on this piece to make it shine!  

This piece has all of the best colors that these coveted specimens are famous for and fantastic growth rings - it was a gigantic tree!  This magnificent stone will draw a gasp from the fossil wood collector or simple nature lover on sight!  It's plenty big enough to make a very impressive table top and is a great size and shape for one! 

Besides being beautifully colored, it's also perfectly preserved. The flowing wood grain from this complete round starts at the nicely centered heart and forms massive arcs through every region of this highly colorful wood. The cells are uncommonly well preserved for Asian wood with virtually every colorful region showing excellent wood grain preservation right down to the ray cells within the growth rings! The detail in the lighter regions is washed out in the photo, but it's easily visible in the actual stone.  I've never encountered petrified wood this large, this colorful, this well preserved and this affordable!  Good gem quality petrified wood is relatively scarce from this region and true collector pieces are very seldom encountered. The qualities that make a piece valuable are color, completeness, preservation, shape and limited fracturing - this piece scores well in all of these dimensions!

f you haven't seen our petrified wood specimens before then you've been missing one of the best treasures found on eBay! We work hard to find the best specimens from the most prized locations!

It measures about 32 5/8" wide and 22" tall on the polished face.  It's cut about 1 1/8" thick.  The slab weighs 52 lbs. all by itself and the crated shipping weight is about 90 lbs. 

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