SiS: GLORIOUS & HUGE 6" Scolecite Crystal Display Specimen - BONUS CRYSTALS!

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This is a magnificent, stout scolecite spray bursting to life with a secondary crystal of another mineral formed with it.  It's composed of some of the longest, fattest, clearest and cleanest needles you'll ever see in one of these amazing display specimens.  It's completely natural and spectacularly beautiful.  They simply don't get any showier than this!  There are also translucent cubes of another mineral that I believe is calcite (sorry, I'm more of a lapidary than a mineral buff) - two of them are visible on the ends of the longer crystals.  The best example is suspended just to the right in the top center of the spires in the first photo.  If you study the other photos carefully you will spot more of these fascinating cubic crystal interlopers.  Truly showy, you'll be impressed when you can see this one in person!  

We made an amazing discovery this year in Tucson.  A dealer from India came over with some of the most visually striking and long, delicate scolecite crystal sprays I've ever had the pleasure of handling.  Scolecite is a relatively rare mineral often sought by collectors because of it's dramatic presentation and this is a particularly fine example.   The quality of these stunning display specimens is simply something you aren't likely to ever find again.   I jumped at the chance to own some and picked up enough to share with our regular collectors.  We don't often carry zeolite minerals like this but even in the pictures you can tell they are spectacular.  You can just imagine what it will look like in it's full 3-D glory when you see it in person!!

These minerals are mined in Aurangabad, India.  They are a zeolite crystal formation.  I'd never seen pieces this nice come out of India and it's hard to say how long the mining will last, but the normal pattern is that a find is made in a country or region where mineral specimens for collectors hasn't been a source of cash before, it gets quarried quickly and then the choice material is gone.  This particular crystal forms a spray like pattern that starts at the base and fans out in a starburst kind of pattern.

These are delicate minerals but they hold up reasonable well to shipping, especially the ones with the thicker needles like this.  We'll pack it very carefully as we have safely done with several of these fine pieces already.  It is possible that a needle or two may come loose while in transit, but we haven't had any serious issues with them so far and it won't be anything that affects the look or completeness of the specimen.  We'll ship it insured though just to be sure.

This is a virtually perfect, quite large and showy spray with long, sharp, very well defined and perfectly formed crystals. The clear color is as good as it gets. It measures approximately 6" tall and weighs about 0.80 lbs.  

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.

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