SiS: GIGANTIC DOUBLE-LENS 11+ lb. Dolly Parton Thunderegg

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Here's a big & beautiful Dolly Parton bed Thunderegg from the old Ochs Ranch site in Central Oregon.  It's a massive egg with a gorgeous polish, prepared as only our shop can!  The blue/gray agate framing the hollow centers of this remarkable display specimen is particularly translucent and affords a view of the matrix walls through it.  The hollow centers are typical for this variety of thunderegg and in this case it's lined with a pale white botryoidal agate and some really strange milky mineral formations over the large bubbly agate formations.  The agate in this one is really translucent, and the rind is extra bright!  The big double nodules are what gave this bed it's name among rockhounds, though the site is no longer open for collecting and pieces like this found in estate collections are all that will make it to market now.  You won't find many perfect shaped thundereggs with such nice agate centers in eggs this big!  Comes complete with display stand.

If you aren't familiar with thundereggs, they are a unique agate formation that occurs in the volcanic strata here in the Pacific Northwest.  Bubbles that formed in pyroclastic volcanic flows millions of years ago have been transformed into these unique agate nodules.  They get their name from the Native American tribes of the area who tell the story of how the volcanos in the Cascade mountain range would war with one another, stealing the eggs from the thunderbird and hurling them great distances at each other.

To us lapidaries, they represent a cornucopia of unique and beautiful agate formations that are used in everything from jewelry to spheres.  I like cutting them in half and polishing the best of them to show off the spectacular agate formations hidden inside.  Each is unique and different, though each known bed of eggs follows some sort of predictable theme.  

The Dolly Parton eggs come from the Ochs Ranch north of Madras and are consistently some of the largest thundereggs in the state.  They seem to get their name both for their size and the relatively high percentage of "doubles" that, well, helped make Dolly famous.  Thundereggs are the official state rock in Oregon and are a favorite among collectors all over the world.  The matrix and agate both take a lustrous polish that has to be seen in person to be appreciated.  These eggs have the agate color of Succor Creek and the matrix Color of the Blue Bed eggs.  The orange tinted matrix forms a beautiful natural frame around the  blue/gray agate, and will undoubtedly spark lots of conversations about how such an oddity might have formed!    

It's a half nodule that's been cut with a diamond saw then ground and polished on a series of specially designed flat laps we built just for this purpose.  The stone started out about the size of a pair of cantaloupes!  The polish we achieve with this equipment is what really sets our stones apart! It measures about 10 1/4" across the polished face. It weighs 11.16 lbs. which can be shipped most economically via UPS ground.

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