SiS: GIANT PLATE Otodus Fossil Shark Teeth, Morocco - SPECTACULAR SPECIMEN!

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This is a large display specimen of real fossil teeth from pre-historic Mackerel sharks known as Otodus obliquus.  These teeth are found in the host rock that these are now mounted on, and you can even see bits and pieces of bone, shell and other marine fossil fragments in the host stone.  This is an Eocene era fossil making it about 50 million years old!  It's much larger than the typical shark tooth you can still find on beaches today.  These spectacular fossil teeth are both nicely colored and show a wide triangular crown guarded by large side cusps in the best specimens and this one has several of them in tact!  These fossils are chiseled from a solid stone matrix revealing both the bony root and the enameled, shining "business end" of this fabulous tooth! 

I came across a dealer from North Africa in Tucson this year that had some of the most incredible ancient tooth and jaw fossils I'd ever seen. At first I couldn't believe my eyes - it appeared that the fossils had been exposed from host rock to reveal the well preserved teeth still attached to their roots. Like the mosasaur teeth that I first found through this gentleman, I suspect that teeth have been re-mounted to their natural host rock which still shows other bits of the ancient beach that silicified to produce it.  The work is impeccable though and the end display is very compelling.  While this dealer had other fossil bones, it was these glorious teeth mounted in a natural matrix that really caught my eye. One glance at the photo and you can see why! I know enough about fossil hunting to appreciate the fine specimens this fellow had and the teeth were the largest I'd ever seen since my first glimpse of a megladon a few years ago! These large, nicely articulated teeth are in great shape and very impressive!

Otodus obliquus was the king of all sharks during it's reign and is believed to be the ancestor to today's great whites and the Megladon (which produced the largest fossil shark teeth but they aren't quite as intricate).  

These fossils were recovered from the Sahara, probably the Khouribga phosphates in Morocco. They are from the cretaceous age which is approx 65 to 100 million years old. Each tooth has full enamel and is complete and in tact. 

The big tooth on the top right is about 2.4" long (root to tip).  The plate measure about 10" x 8" wide and is about 2" to 3" thick.  The fossil weighs about 11 lbs. Something no cubicle or stone/fossil collection should be without!

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