SiS: EXTRA THICK Show Piece 6" Brazilian PIRANHA Agate Slab - SiS POLISHED!!

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Cut in our shop, this stone is extra thick and has a mirror perfect finish like you simply won't believe is possible until you see it in person!  This one looks a lot like the Condor agates from Argentina but it's a classic blackskin agate from Brazil.  The colors are quite vivid with bright sunlight but considerably darker with indoor light.  The deep color is made from countless bands of richly colored, high grade agate and the translucent stone is cut thick enough to really let the color show!  Brazilian agate makes a wonderful medium for us to show off our unparalleled lapidary skills.  We cut this stone extra thick to show the color and depth that a perfectly prepared agate ought to.  Until you've seen an agate finished in our shop, you won't know what you're missing! 

I've always been a fan of the top grade fortification agates that are found in Brazil. There are several varieties, many representing the finest, largest agates found anywhere on the planet. The best grades have sharp, naturally colorful fortification bands with no fractures whatsoever in the translucent agate. Each year in Tucson I buy cut slabs and rework them in my shop, but this time I had a chance to buy a couple of extra large agates that hadn't been cut yet. I took the opportunity to cut them much thicker than most of the imported materials and then prepared them using my own specially built equipment to produce what I can honestly say is the best finish you'll find on any stone on eBay or anywhere else! Our finish work stands head a shoulders above the commercial work others call 'good enough' and we take a lot of pride knowing others really don't compare. If you haven't seen our work in person you owe it yourself to add a piece to your collection that we've prepared in our shop - you'll never look at lapidary work the same way again!!

This particular agate is a blackskin with rich dark blue agate bands hidden inside that almost look like ink (but it's completely natural). It's really pretty and the color has a lot of depth, particularly given the thick cut.

If you haven't seen our lapidary work before, you're missing one of the best treats on eBay! We've built our own specially designed laps to produce mirror finishes on high grade agates, jaspers and petrified wood. The work we do really sets us apart from pack. I treat every stone as if it were going in my own collection and you better believe, I'M PICKY!! Brazilian agate makes a particularly fine medium for us to show our work off on because it's so hard and fracture free. It takes an unbelievable polish that most rock collectors rarely get to see when shopping in retail stores and rock shows.

This big agate slab is a beautifully shaped slab with classic fortification bands in unbelievably richly colored translucent agate. The stone is all 100% naturally colored with no dyes or enhancements.

It measures about 6 1/2" x 3 3/4" across the polished face and is cut just over 0.62" thick. Weight is 1.08 lbs. 

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder offered by Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary !!