SiS: EXOTIC BLACK 15" Swartz Canyon Petrified Tanoak Round - RARE Oregon Fossil!

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When I first saw it under magnification, I was not at all certain about the species of this exotic round - it looks like some of the acacia trees I'd seen from this region but the pores and rays are more regular which makes me think this one was a tanoak, and if it was a huge one!  But I'm still uncertain as to the species because it seems to have formed a lot of desiccation veins that filled with agate and crystal as it petrified.  The pore structure is clearest in the light area and sows the champaign bubble like strings of live oak and tanoak but the rays are less clear.   Final identification on this striking slab will rest with the new owner.  This forest is famous for the typically red colored red and white oak trees (the more common forms of oak).  But there was a part of the deposit that produced these black and white, white skinned logs and even in the photo below you can tell it's a unique one with those interesting rays near the rind!  A true rarity for fossil collectors!!  

This is a world class petrified wood round from the Swartz Canyon in Central Oregon. I've seen some beautiful oak rounds from this canyon over the years, but this is one of the most unique fossils I've encountered from this region. At first glance I thought this was a finely rayed oak round, but I quickly realized it wasn't. After I'd finished polishing it I studied it under magnification and was unable to match it up exactly with anything in my reference books. It seems to come closest to live oak however, although there are similarities to some of the Acacia trees I've seen from this region as well. The rays are wide and what little there appears to be for annual rings are thin. There are semi-ring porous cells between the rays. Absolutely beautiful and unique both under magnification and to the naked eye! 

This canyon has produced what are arguably some of the finest fossil oak trees ever found - rivaled only by Deschutes River Canyon and Stinking Water Creek oaks (also famed Oregon locations). These three deposits form the foundation of the best oak found anywhere on the planet! Each location produces other species though. I've found hickory from Deschutes, elm from Stinking Water and now this mystery fossil from Swartz Canyon! The incredible preservation of the wood grain details (right down to the cell structure) combined with the gorgeous high contrast agate colors make this an attractive fossil wood specimen from one of the most sought after locations on the planet! This exceptional specimen was obtained from an estate that collected these logs several decades ago. Few are this flawlessly preserved. Like most of the Swartz oak petrified wood, this piece is very highly agatized! The high agate content means that this piece has polished up beautifully. It's just amazing how beautiful petrified wood can be and the fine gem fossil specimens found in this remote Central Oregon desert location are among the finest in the world. 

This piece has fabulous cell structure and wonderful eye appeal. The wood grain is very visible in this piece particularly the peculiar medullary rays. This is a nice, larger sized specimen which is not often found in this location (what few logs we see anymore are rarely complete rounds). Getting something this unusual and this beautiful for your own collection is a chance that should not be passed up. 

This stone has been professionally cut and polished on a special lap that produces a flat face and a mirror perfect shine. The polish really is liquid perfect - a difference in the quality products Sticks-in-Stones has built its reputation on! Often imitated, but never equaled - our polish is the best you'll find on petrified wood. Our process picks up where the trade left off in the last century. We consistently produce meticulously prepared specimens with flawless finishes you'll be proud to show in your own collection. 

This is an extra large petrified wood specimen.   It measures about 15 1/4" wide and 14 1/8" high. It's cut about 1.1 thick.  Weight is 14.12 lbs. 

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