SiS: COLORFUL 11 inch Arizona RAINBOW Petrified Wood Conifer Round MIRROR POLISH

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This is a rare, medium sized diameter log from one of the most prized petrified wood deposits on the planet!  Full round cross sections this size aren't often dug from this bed.   Like most of you, I sometimes see images in the awe inspiring patterns and colors frozen in time within these incredible stones.  This one just looked like all the color of a glowing sunrise over the Arizona Desert when I cut it.   This absolutely beautiful piece of gem fossil wood is cut from one of the most most unusually patterned Arizona rainbow petrified wood logs I've personally handled!   It was collected by a friend of mine on a private fee ranch in Arizona near the town of Holbrook.  The growth rings are quite distinctive for this type of petrified wood and the natural history of the piece is unmistakable.   

We stumbled into some particularly nice, smaller sized Arizona logs that have produced some truly incredible petrified wood rounds.  It's unusual to be able to get so much of the color spectrum in a smaller sized display specimen like this, but this log managed to earn the Arizona Rainbow name with a brilliant display of color normally reserved for giant wall pieces!  The stone was pricey, but it had such dramatic colors in a nice displayable size that I couldn't pass it up!  This log produced some of the finest and visually captivating medium sized Arizona Rainbow specimens you'll find with truly remarkable natural color.  It's the kind of specimen that explains how this wood earned its name!  The log is very nicely agatized and took a magnificent polish to bring all of that amazing color to life as only the best grades of petrified wood can.  This looks to be an Araucaria (an ancient conifer).  The deep red, orange,  purple and yellow combine with the ancient wood grain to make a stunning display piece!  We don't offer it often - but when we do you know it's a great piece!!   

One of the oldest and best known petrified forests in the United States is in Arizona.  What is less known is that the northern part of the state also holds some incredible petrified wood fossils, and this stunning specimen is one of them.  We acquired this piece as part of an estate collection years ago and only recently re-worked the stone to bring it to a proper shine.  The fungus is preserved in barite (fungus is almost never seen because it doesn't preserve in silica the way wood does) which means it's a bit softer and doesn't achieve the same high polish that the highly silicified wood did, but it did polish and it looks great.  This is a rarely seen variation and a unique natural phenomenon in the petrified wood world.  Something few of us will ever even see in such an incredible specimen!

If you're new to our shop the one thing you should expect is to see an unexpectedly glossy finish on each stone we prepare.  This complete round is a wonderful example of our work. It's been cut with a diamond saw and flat lapped on equipment I built myself to produce a mirror perfect polish unmatched by any of our many would-be imitators. The detail captured and revealed through the highly polished surface is just immaculate. It's easily some of the best Utah wood to be found anywhere! The rings are gorgeous, the agate is highly polished and the detail is easier to see in person than the photo suggests. It's a truly special find and we won't likely have a lot more so get a piece for your collection while it's available!

This is a slab from the center of the log and measures about 11" x 9 1/4" across the polished face and is cut approx 1/2" thick which makes it substantial enough for either wall art or as a table top.  Weight is about 3.50 lbs.

A nice, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary!

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