SiS: Collector Quality Agate Slab - MOSS AGATE BEAUTY!

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Even if you thought you'd seen the best agate Brazil has to offer you owe it to yourself to see this one! This exceptional slab is one of those rare high grade specimens that is loaded with dendritic moss!  In this case they form plant like growth inside highly translucent agate that gives way to fortification patterns!!  So nice that we polished both sides to a true mirror finish.  You don't see mossy sprays like this in Brazilian agate very often but when it does occur the translucent and flawless agate virtually guarantees that it will be a showpiece!  

I've always been a fan of the top grade fortification agates that are found in Brazil. There are several varieties, many representing the finest, largest agates found anywhere on the planet. The best grades have sharp, naturally colorful fortification bands with no fractures whatsoever in the translucent agate. Last year in Tucson I found an importer that had brought in a few dozen choice agates and I had the privilege of being one of the first customer to go through them. What I selected were the cleanest, most detailed, most colorful slabs that I knew would be the best many collectors would ever get to see. I brought them back to my shop and reworked the typical dull polish applied before they were exported to produce a mirror finished, collector grade agate that deserves a place in a serious rock collection. I couldn't believe the selection of agates that I was able to obtain - many will be staying in my own growing collection, but this exceptional stone is yours if you come out on top!

If you haven't seen our lapidary work before, you're missing one of the best treats on eBay! We've built our own specially designed laps to produce mirror finishes on high grade agates, jaspers and petrified wood. The work we do really sets us apart from pack. I treat every stone as if it were going in my own collection and you better believe, I'M PICKY!! Brazilian agate makes a particularly fine medium for us to show our work off on because it's so hard and fracture free. It takes an unbelievable polish that most rock collectors rarely get to see when shopping in retail stores and rock shows.

This exquisite agate slab is a beautifully shaped and intricately detailed specimen with unbelievably rich, completely natural colors. This one competes with the finest collectible fortification agates found anywhere! 

It measures about 6" across the mirror polished face and is cut approximately 0.28" thick. 

A nice, professionally prepared, unique natural wonder offered by Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary !