SiS: Beautiful 3 lb. Petrified Oregon Driftwood Specimen - SEQUOIA GEM FLAME!!

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These high contrast creamy and dark, gemmy, molten looking variations of the well agatized and super dense Roger's Mountain petrified wood are among my favorite standups!  This gem grade petrified sequoia is one of the most visually appealing petrified woods found in the state!  The picture can't capture the texture but the herringbone wood grain and natural wood texture external surface that was carved and shaped on an ancient beach long, long ago!!  The chunks of petrified wood found in this dig site don't get much nicer than this - it's an impressive piece standing about 6" tall.  With those warm natural colors, it will make a rather stunning natural artwork almost anywhere - it's a great size to sit on a desk and give you something ancient, beautiful and natural to gaze at when your mind just needs it!  

This is a really beautiful specimen of the petrified driftwood found near Oregon's Roger's Mountain. It's a pretty nice block shaped piece of petrified wood, with absolutely gorgeous gem quality agate in many colors preserving this ancient fossil. The exterior is worn smooth to the touch, but you can still see the wood grain in perfect detail. It looks just like a piece of driftwood from the beach today would look. The inside however is a richly colored array of gem quality agate that preserved the wood grain beautifully in every detail! The growth rings in this attractive fossil specimen are very well defined and flow artfully. These are particularly wide in this piece indicating that it was a very fast growing tree species - it's really a lovely specimen!

This nicely shaped display piece was cut at a steep sloping angle and then polished to show off all the gemmy detail inside. The base is cut flat so that you can present it nicely without a stand and show it off on a bookshelf or table. It took a beautiful polish, it really does look like a mirror! As beautiful as the face is with all those gorgeous flowing colors, the exterior is almost as interesting with an intricate, weather worn surface that's just fascinating to study. It's another one of those beautiful fossil treasures that some happy Sticks-in-Stones customer is going to flip over!

This beautiful, blocky piece stands about 6" tall and measures about 6 1/4" x 3 3/4" wide across the polished face. Weight is 2.9 lbs.

Another Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary quality stone collectible!