SiS: BEAUTIFUL 10"+ GLOSSY BASSWOOD Petrified Wood Round Sweet Home, OR

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This is a really unique and particularly beautiful, large petrified wood specimen from the Sweet Home deposit!  It was dug several years ago from a small farm near the town of Sweet Home, Oregon.  This deposit is certainly the largest petrified forest in Oregon and spans through the hills and valleys for many miles in all directions from this small town.  It's a gorgeous diffuse porous hardwood, and looks very consistent with both Poplar and Basswood.  I can make a case for each, but the sharp growth rings and plentiful pores have me leaning more towards Basswood.  I've included a microphoto so you can appreciate both the fine fossil detail and even have a shot at your own identification.  But the real joy in this piece is the exceptionally high agate content that has allowed us to produce a truly glossy, mirror finish on this gorgeous specimen.  Only a small percentage of the fossil logs in this vast deposit are this well silicified or this colorful.   It took an amazing polish which, combined with the high contrast color pattern, makes it a world class display specimen!  There is a small false start from the saw blade on the back of this piece but it is confined to one edge and doesn't affect the display of the piece no matter how you choose to mount or display it. 

This stunning petrified wood round comes from a vast deposit near the town of Sweet Home, Oregon. There are a few pockets of absolutely outstanding petrified wood in the hills in that part of the state. The wood that is found there is typically very, very agatized and extremely well detailed. Like other specimens from the Pacific Northwest, it's some of the finest to be found anywhere in the world!! The Sweet Home deposit is particularly famous because of the huge variety of tree species that can be found there. I read an article once that said over 60 distinct species had been identified in various locations from this vast deposit! I'm getting better at identifying wood, but I can't say for certain what this one is. It's an extremely fine grained, diffuse porous hardwood of some variety (which Hoadley accurately describes as "the confusing hardwoods"). This includes the fruit trees and the size of the trunk would certainly be consistent with that. What makes this one really unique is high contrast coloration including some nice agate veins in the center of the log.  The cell structure is a tad like maple, but the pores are more frequent. A neat mystery you'll need more expertise than I have to solve. It's a nearly perfect specimen and quite striking (more so in person than in the photo).

This piece is cut from the center of a choice log from a bucket sized hardwood tree. This represents one of the larger flawless logs I've seen from this particular site and I waited quite a while to cut it (the anticipation is half the fun!). I'm quite pleased with the quality and hope you will be too. This is a well preserved , richly colored, unfractured slab - they just don't get much better! The detail both internally and externally is very good! The tree rings are tight and well defined, and preserved in a richly colored agate that really took a nice polish.  It has been cut with a diamond saw then sanded and polished to a mirror finish. It took a pretty awesome polish (not all of the Sweet Home material will polish this well) and should make a fine addition to a nice petrified wood collection!

Measures about 10 1/2" x 8 3/4" across the mirror polished face and is cut approx 0.39" thick. It weighs 2.54 lbs.
A nice, unique natural wonder collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary.

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