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This gorgeous sphere looks like a globe for an unknown, distant planet!  This nice baseball sized sphere is one of the most eye catching stones in our entire shop!  The reflection is matched only by the color - and it is truly 100% natural!  I've only seen a few pieces of this material that made me look twice to see if I actually recognized a continent.  This perfect, machine ground sphere represents one of my best specimens of this exquisite and relatively new gem that we have recently offered.  The colors often look like fanciful sci-fi planets and the hard jasper takes a magnificent polish.   Sometimes called desert jasper, this stone produces incredible natural displays of color in bands and patterns that really lend themselves well to sphere cutting to produce an amazing piece of natural art! 

This is a nicely colored and figured sphere of gem grade polychrome jasper from Madagascar.  At first glance it looks like some of the picture jaspers mined from the Pacific Northwest in the US, but I found a source for some truly remarkable petrified wood from Madagascar which ultimately took me there on a quest to find more of it and while I was there I came across a family that was cutting these incredibly high quality spheres!  The best grades of this material produce the rainbow colors so prized in any picture jasper, but with the added bonus that the stone doesn't tend to develop fracture lines at the color boundaries like the jasper from other regions often can.  This stone is also sometimes orbicular with patterns not unlike the porcelain jaspers of Idaho!  It's a flawless sphere with remarkable color and perfect craftsmanship - a truly top grade gem quality material and specimen.

This sphere is virtually flawless.  It's hard to describe the richness of the color - it needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.  This one measures right at 2.78" in diameter and weighs right at 1.00 lbs.  It's about the size of a baseball. 

Gorgeous by any measure, you're sure to appreciate this natural beauty when you see it in person!

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