SiS: 4.5" SOLID AGATE Pink Petrified Limb Cast - TRULY PERFECT PINK LIMB!

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I've seen a lot of these wonderful gemmy limbs over the years, but this one really stands out as having one of the best external impressions and the nicest shape of any I've ever polilshed!  It also has some of the nicest agate of any I've recently handled in one of these fascinating gem casts!  It's a pretty good sized specimen with a really nice, unprepared natural wooden textured rind.  There's even a branch staub clearly visible on the husk.  It's a very subtle color (a soft, translucent pink hue) and the size is just fascinating in hand.  I don't think you'll ever come across a cleaner example that this gorgeous limb cast.  A truly fascinating agate cast from a prized location with a wonderful polish on one end to show off the treasured gemstone inside! 

This is a nicely shaped petrified limb cast from Central Oregon with some nice agate features in an unbelievable deep translucent agate polished to perfection. I haven't seen much of this material in recent years (and after trying to go digging there I now know why!) but we found a good stash of some of the best I've ever seen in an estate last year which has produced a few nice pieces to share! This one has been cut and polished on one end to show off both the beautiful chalcedony and the flowing translucent fortification bands captured inside!! It's something you have to see in person to truly appreciate - it's a very unusual way for wood to be preserved and the soft chalcedony colors aren't quite like this anywhere else.

This one is a pale pink color and has some nice fortification bands in it. It's really something pretty special!

The face on this stone is a beautiful, lustrous, very highly polished surface that is visually captivating - I guarantee you'll be impressed with the lapidary work and the amazing effect of the fortification bands! It looks to me like I can see at least 1/4" down into the agate on this one.

The stone itself is gorgeous and gemmy and it has a really pleasing shape. The exterior form of this piece is about as good as these casts get. The unpolished exterior surface preserved the shape of the original limb perfectly - it's really very detailed! It's a beautiful and fascinating specimen.

The way these pieces were formed involved an interesting twist to the petrification process because the wood was destroyed before it could be impregnated with minerals. What was left behind were the "voids" (cats) in the ground where the wood used to be before it was either burned from too much heat or rotted from too much oxygen. The casts will show you the exterior surfaces of the wood, but the internal details become solid agate patterns like this. This pink wood is highly desirable here in Oregon and is a must have for any petrified wood collection.

Measures about 4 1/2" long and it's about 1 3/4" across the polished face. Weight is 0.66 lbs!

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