SIMPLY GORGEOUS Large 9" Buggy Blue Forest Petrified Wood Round - Beautiful Agate!

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This is one of the larger and definitely one of the most eye catching Blue Forest rounds we've ever offered! It's cut from one of the most detailed, richly colored logs we've ever had the pleasure of handling! Logs rarely reach this diameter in this particular forest, and to see such an incredible display of color and fossil wood grain is just a treat for your eyes as much as for your imagination! This famous petrified forest gives up very few large logs and fewer still in this kind of flawless condition! There is a lot of the characteristic blue agate framing this specimen that made this petrified forest famous. This one features gorgeous botryoidal agate formations with golden calcite filling some of the agate voids and some nice insect borings as well! Look closely near the rind under magnification and you'll spot fossil ostracods (tiny seed shrimp) as well! The pattern in this fossil is one of the most visually striking specimens I've ever seen come from this amazing valley! Polished to perfection, it's definitely one of the best Wyoming petrified wood fossil finds you'll find!!

Here's an absolutely museum grade Blue Forest petrified round cut from the center of a perfectly formed log that's got a lot of brilliantly colored blue agate showing throughout the perfectly preserved log frozen inside. It's got really nice wood preservation with a very well defined heart in the center of the log and the most stunning wood grain you'll ever see in one of these pieces!

The Blue Forest is a uniquely preserved bed of small branches and occasional logs in central Wyoming. The digging is hot and dusty, but every once in a while you stumble on a real treasure and this little log is one of them! The dark, coffee and chocolate colors the wood is preserved in are characteristic of these specimens, as are the infusions of blue agate that filled the cracks and coated the log!

This is a perfectly flat slice from the center of larger than average sized log from a pepperwood tree. It's been cut and polished to show off all the gemmy detail from this 50 million year old treasure captured inside. It took a pretty awesome polish - something we strive to produce on every specimen we put our name on! The fibrous cell structure of the radial wood grain is exceptional and easily studied with a hand lens.

This is a much larger than average specimen, and it is close to perfect - something that will show proudly in any collection.
It measures about 9" x 6 1/2" in diameter and is sliced 0.38" thick. This fine slab weighs in at 1.36 lbs.

A nice, unique naturally wonderful stone collectible exclusively from Sticks-in-Stones Lapidary